32 Magical, Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

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It is during the Christmas season when the coziest of date night ideas present themselves. The snowy weather and anticipation-filled spirit of the holidays add a special level of love and romance to this season. We’ve put together our list of our favorite romantic Christmas date ideas for you to consider. There are many romantic things to do year-round for couples, but these ideas are all perfect for the holiday season. 

We’ve chosen 32 lovely Christmas date ideas so pick a few to try this season and have a great time with the one you love. PS: You might also like to incorporate some of our favorite couples’ Christmas traditions, which can also work for a festive date night!

32 Cozy Christmas Date Ideas 

1. Classic Christmas Movie Night

Classic Christmas movie night is a go-to when it comes to Christmas date night ideas. During the holidays, you probably already enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movies.

Well, this is an opportunity to share your favorites together, or to discover classics you’ve never seen.

Have you both seen It’s a Wonderful Life all the way through? This is your chance.

Another great idea is to share your favorite childhood Christmas movies with one another. It is so sweet to watch the Grinch and Rudolph as adults! Grab a cup of hot cocoa, some footed pajamas, and get Christmassy.

This stay-at-home date night idea is also an excellent way to save money at Christmas

2. Gift Wrapping Date

There are some date ideas Christmas delivers to us automatically. Like, gift wrapping. For a lot of us, gift wrapping is an annoying chore. What with trying to get the creases right, not get your tape stuck to the carpet, and keeping your cat from laying in the wrapping paper…it can be not-so-fun.

Well, why not make it fun by turning it into one of your Christmas date ideas? It will go much faster and laughs are pretty much guaranteed.

Grab your tools, turn on some holiday music and wrap together. For best results, add some adult beverages to the mix: eggnog, mulled wine, or a hot toddy are all recommended choices.

3. Cutting Down Your Christmas Tree

If you live somewhere with Christmas tree farms nearby, there’s nothing so Christmassy and satisfying as chopping down your own tree.

Go pick out that perfect fir and bring it home. Decorating can commence soon after. Voila, the sweetest of romantic Christmas dates.

If you don’t live in a place where Christmas trees are grown, you can still hunt for a tree together. The pre-cut variety are everywhere during the holidays.

Perhaps you can spend a bit more time finding the perfect decorations at the store, or making some of your own for that vintage Christmas feeling.

4. Go ice skating

Get ready to check ice skating off your couples bucket list! Even if it’s been years, brave the ice, don your skates, and glide hand-in-hand across the rink or pond. It’s sure to be a memorable and cozy time. Warm up after ice skating with a couple mugs of steaming hot cocoa! PS: This could make a great first date.

5. Cookie baking bonanza

What would this time  of yearbe without cookies? Holiday cookies are an intrinsic part of the season. One of our favorite Christmas date ideas is baking cookies. But don’t just bake a single batch and call it a night. No, no; it’s time for a cookie-baking bonanza. Bake a ton of cookies together, of all different flavors and varieties that you want. You’ll have the most fun with sugar cookies that you can decorate with icing. Check out these adorable stacked Christmas tree sugar cookies!

When you’re done, keep some of your favorites, but deliver the rest of the cookies to friends and family, or take some to a local nursing home or homeless shelter. After all, giving to others is so much of what the holiday season is all about, and doing something good together is sure to bring you closer.

6. Go to an ugly sweater party together (or host one!)

Young couple in Christmas sweaters and knitted hats on color background

In the past several years, “ugly sweater parties” have become all the rage. Well, they make an awesome addition to your list of holiday date ideas.Check your attic for the knitted horrors from your Aunt Nancy, or head to Goodwill. If you’re not invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, consider hosting one of your own. We bet your friends will be on board! 

7. Create your own Christmas cocktails (boozy hot chocolate, anyone?)

Get creative and silly in the kitchen by whipping up your own versions of holiday cocktails. Plan ahead with a bunch of seasonal ingredients and see who can create the yummiest Christmas drink—hot or chilled. Here are some ideas to get you started.

8. Cuddle animals at the local shelter

Shelter animals can never get enough love and cuddles. The Christmas season is a great time to head to your nearby shelter and give the dogs and cats some attention. This is another holiday date option that could work well for a first date. Be careful though. You will want to take all the animals home!

9. Go sledding

There is no shame in enjoying the snow to its fullest. Sledding isn’t just for kids! You and your partner can have an absolute blast at your local sledding hill. Pro-tip: try to go on a weekday morning or early afternoon when the kids are in school and the hills are empty!

10. Take a sleigh ride 

What a dream! Riding in a horse-drawn sleigh cozied up next to the one you love? I’m slightly obsessed with taking a sleigh ride as a perfect Christmastime date. If you’re in a snowy region, chances are good you can find a local place that does this. If not, you might find a horse-drawn carriage ride to give you a similar winter wonderland experience. 

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11. Watch childhood Christmas home movies

Relive your favorite holiday memories together. Dig out the old home videos and have a look. You might have to rent a VCR to watch them! 

Alternately, look through old family photos and Christmas albums. So nostalgic!  

12. A cozy coffee shop date

We’re big fans of coffee over here, and nothing screams cozy like a local coffee shop. Even if you only have a Starbucks nearby, plan to take an afternoon or evening and savor your lattes side-by-side. You can read books or engage in deep conversation, whatever makes you happy.

13. Make fireside smores (indoors or outdoors)

S’mores are not just for summertime camping. Incorporate this terrific snack into your Christmas celebrations as well. As fires blaze throughout the month of December, take some time to roast some marshmallows and make gooey-delicious s’mores together. You can use your home fireplace or cozy up to an outdoor fire pit. So much fun!

14. See the Nutcracker Ballet

Have the two of you ever seen this classic? Maybe you’ve never even attended a ballet! Now’s your chance. This story is 100% Christmas and the ballet is so beautiful. Catch a performance of The Nutcracker, whether from your local ballet school or a professional dance company.

15. Take a midnight walk (or a midnight snowshoe)

This is a great one for romantic Christmas Eve ideas, although you can certainly do it any night of the holiday season. 

There’s something really magical and serene about late nights in the winter. Take advantage of this time to walk with your partner and you may just have the most romantic Christmas experience together. More late night date ideas here.

Young adult couple walking on snow covered sidewalk

16. Go on a Christmas light road trip

When I was growing up in Florida, we didn’t have any snow of course. But people made up for that by decorating their houses to the nines, and everyone would go and see them!

Every year, my mom would take me and my sister driving around to go see all the Christmas lights and decorations. It was a great tradition, and something that feels incredibly festive to me.

This is a terrific Christmas date idea! Take your significant other for a drive in search of the prettiest Christmas lights out there.

In some areas, it’s worth doing a little research before you go; some neighborhoods pull out all the stops, with every house decked head to toe in Christmas decor. Don’t forget to make a Christmas playlist for the road trip.

17. Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Perhaps not the most conventional of holiday date ideas, a Christmas Movie Drinking Game is a fun option when you’re feeling a little silly.

This option for holiday date ideas is especially perfect if you’re snowed in and going stir crazy!

Basically, you can make up whatever rules you want to for your Xmas Drinking Game, but a few suggestions would be to take a sip every time someone says “Santa” or “mistletoe” or whenever snow falls during the movie.

Our preferred version of the game is watching the brilliant film Jingle All the Way, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. This movie is “so bad it’s good” all on its own,  but it’s even better if you have a drink every time Arnold says “Turbo Man.”

Have fun and take it easy: that eggnog can be quite potent!

18. Attend a Christmas Concert

There’s so much going on during the holidays, it can be hard to make room for an extra event in your schedule. But something really special you can share as a couple is attending a musical event together.

At Christmas, there are always countless orchestral performances, choir concerts, and other holiday entertainment. Make it a priority to go to one of these together.

Christmas music is so beautiful, and it’s such an intrinsic part of the holiday season. Hearing some of the classic carols and tunes performed live is a wonderful part of the season, and it definitely qualifies for a very romantic date idea.

19. Have a simple, quiet Christmas night

Some date nights don’t need much planning. Why not indulge in a quiet Christmas night together? All that is required for this date night is a blanket to cuddle in, some hot cocoa or other warm drinks, yummy snacks, and books to read side-by-side. (This would be a good option if you’re looking for Christmas Eve date ideas. Keep it cozy and simple!)

If you have a fireplace, this is also essential. Make sure you have several interrupted hours available to enjoy this date.

This is not going to be the most exciting or interactive date night for couples, but we pretty much guarantee you’re going to feel relaxed, happy, and lovey both during and afterward. PS: This is an ideal choice for New Year’s Eve date ideas too.

20. Browse a Christmas Craft Show

Want to get out of the house and do something festive? Christmas craft shows and fairs abound during this time of year. Go explore one together and spend time talking to the artisans and craft makers.

You’re bound to find something cute to take home with you, and it will be a good souvenir of a sweet Christmas date memory.

21. Christmas People Watching

We all know that Christmas time is busy—especially in the malls and stores. One kind of quirky and unique Christmas date idea is to go people-watching during this time of year.

Grab a Gingerbread Latte and sit on a bench to watch the people pass. This is especially fun if you sit near the mall Santa and you can watch the joy on the children’s faces when they get to visit with Santa.

Watching people in a public place can be fascinating, but Christmas adds a lot of energy and emotion. You can chat with your partner and try to guess the stories of the people you see go by.

At Christmas, you’re likely to see a lot of people in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, so it’s an ideal time for people watching.

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22. Christmas Craft Night

Let’s get crafty this holiday season!

Now I’ll be the first to tell you, I am terrible at crafts and DIY of any kind, but doing it with my partner makes any activity more fun. Christmas lends itself to many different crafting projects. You can make some DIY Christmas decor, put together handmade holiday gifts for loved ones, and so much more.

Put together a gingerbread house. String popcorn for the Christmas tree. Paint wooden ornaments.

Spend some time this season putting something together with your significant other. The act of creating something will definitely cement your bond and you’ll feel proud of your join work as a team. And of course, you’ll have an awesome item to keep when you’re finished!

23. Group Game Night (With Christmas Music)

Not every date night needs to involve just you and your sweetheart; group dates can be a lot of fun. Why not have a Christmas-themed game night with some other couples?

You can listen to holiday music while you play games and eat and drink together. While you can play your old stand-by’s (who doesn’t love Clue?) you could change things up by including some Christmas board games, like this Christmas Monopoly or Christmas Trivia. 

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24. Make a naughty and nice list

Ok married couples, this one’s for you. Make lists of how naughty or nice your spouse has been this year and dole out the consequences accordingly. Hopefully, emphasis on the nice. Either way, keep it light and fun and the two of you can have a fun and sexy Christmas date. 

25. Find a Christmas market

Christmas markets are amazing! While Europe abounds with them, it can be harder to find them stateside. But when you do, you’re guaranteed a good time. Hot wine, crafts, twinkly lights. Everything you need for a romantic Christmas night out. 

Winter portrait of married couple downtown at night Christmas fair

26. Escape to a romantic Christmas destination

This is more than a date, this is a romantic Christmas getaway! If you can swing it, we definitely recommend this as a great way to strengthen your relationship and fall more in love this holiday season. Go see one of these romantic Christmas destinations. There might be an option near you!

27. Attend a glamorous party or event

The holidays are the perfect season for dressing up. Plan to splurge on a fancy night out. There is likely a black-tie party, gala, benefit, or another swanky event in your city. Dress to the nines and go have a ball!

28. Write each other some open when letters for the coming year.

Don’t know what open when letters are? We’ve got a guide. This is a fun at-home couples Christmas activity and you’ll love what you come up with for one another.

29. Create the ultimate Christmas playlist

What holiday songs does your S.O. truly love? Find out as you work together to compile the perfect holiday playlist. You’ll have this great list ready for you in the years to come, too. 

30. Take a spa day

Let’s admit it: the holidays can be stressful. Combat some of that tension with a well-deserved retreat to a day spa. Massages, facials, and relaxing by the fire. Ah, pure bliss for you and your darling.

31. Enjoy a candlelit gourmet meal in the comfort of your home

Cooking together is always sexy. There are so many amazing recipes you could prepare together on this simple holiday date idea. 

32. Have a wintry indoor picnic

The cold weather means it’s nice to be indoors! Do everything you’d do for a normal romantic picnic, but take it inside. Cozy pajamas recommended for this holiday evening.

Don’t forget your Christmas date night essentials:

So many romantic Christmas ideas! As you get ready for all of these wonderful holiday date nights with your partner, be sure you have the most important items on hand: You’ll want a warm blanket to cuddle under together, and delicious hot cocoa to fill your mugs.

Make lighting a fire easy with instant firelogs. Get outfitted in some cozy Christmas pjs (maybe best for nerdy married couples like us). Finally, don’t forget some candles to help set a romantic mood. Pine-scented ones are a Christmas fave!


Merry Christmas and Happy Dating! Enjoy these Christmas date ideas!

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