12 Thanksgiving Date Ideas: A Special Thanksgiving for Two

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Tis the season… for turkey, that is! Of course, there’s more to Thanksgiving than just the delicious foods, like the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness we have for those we love most. If you’re not spending a traditional holiday with the fam but are instead looking for Thanksgiving date ideas this year, you’ve come to the right place! 

There are so many adorable fall date ideas out there, and most of them work perfectly for Thanksgiving date ideas, but Thanksgiving is a time to connect with the one you love most, so take a look through some of these unique Thanksgiving date ideas and see what looks good to you!

Thanksgiving Date Ideas

Have a Turkey Challenge

A couple clinks wine glasses together with red wine. Behind them is a Turkey dinner.
Thanksgiving dinner dates that involve wine and a little healthy competition can be pretty perfect!

Do you have the best turkey recipe ever, passed through the generations to you and carefully guarded, only to be brought out each year at Thanksgiving? Does your partner insist that they have perfected the fried turkey and their annual backyard science experience with hot oil and a giant turkey is the only way to go? Challenge each other to bring it this year and go all out with TWO turkeys and taste them side by side! This is a fun Thanksgiving date idea, and you can even include some of your closest friends to come weigh in. Friendsgiving is always a blast!

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Do a Gratitude Craft Together

If are looking for sweet date ideas for Thanksgiving, consider doing a gratitude craft together! This could be something like writing out “I’m thankful for you because….” with a nice print background to frame and exchange, or if you live together, you could create a unique, personalized art piece to hang on your wall with symbols and words of all the things you two are grateful for in your relationship. Get creative with this and just remember the intent: to focus on all you two are grateful for together.

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Play Thanksgiving Mixologist

This is a super fun Thanksgiving date idea for the 21+ crowd! Make a run to the nearest mega liquor store and pick up some fun Thanksgiving spirits and mixers to create your own specialty Thanksgiving cocktails. Think spirits like apple brandy for tasty fall themed drinks like The Woodsman, an aromatic cocktail with flavors of apple and maple syrup. 

If you’re not really into going full on mixologist, just make a simple spicy fall sangria with a warm red wine and sparkling cranberry juice – delish!

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Go See a Movie

Okay, this might not be one of the most unique Thanksgiving date ideas, but you can give it a fun little Thanksgiving twist by bringing in some yummy Thanksgiving treats from home, er, I mean, buy concessions from the concession stand…. There are some pretty simple no bake Thanksgiving treat ideas here!

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Volunteer Together

A couple walks their dog outdoors surrounded by fall foliage.
How sweet is this Thanksgiving couples activity?

If you’re not interested in doing the full cooking Thanksgiving dinner bit for you and your partner, consider volunteering with a local charity group/soup kitchen/shelter. Most are always looking for volunteers to help out at the holidays, and what better way to spend Thanksgiving with your love than donating your time and energy to those in need?

This is one of the sweetest date ideas for Thanksgiving. Don’t forget about animal shelters, they always have need for dog walkers, too! Plus, you can pair dog walking with playing fun games like Relationship Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather, too.

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Get a Jump on Black Friday Shopping

As hard as it is to type this, yes, it’s a legitimate Thanksgiving date idea to go ahead and get an early start on Black Friday shopping! Of course, the creep of Black Friday sales into our beloved Turkey Day has received some understandable criticism over the years, but those Black Friday sales? SO GOOD!

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Deck Those Halls

In many circles, pulling out the Christmas tree and hanging Christmas lights outdoors has become a part of the Thanksgiving tradition, especially if Thanksgiving means more people present to help with holding the ladder! It can be a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving as a couple, especially if you’re able to cap your Thanksgiving together by snuggling up together by the twinkling lights of the tree and reaping the rewards of a job well done. Cuddling is good for you, people.

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Go Off the Grid Together

For some people, the holidays can be extra stressful and a little triggering if they are in a situation where seeing family isn’t an option for a painful reason. In this case, going off the grid could be a fantastic couples thing to do on Thanksgiving! Whether it’s a lovely hike through the woods near home or you two decide to rent a cozy cabin or a cool Airbnb for the long weekend, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyone and everything else can be a lovely way to connect with each other at Thanksgiving.

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Watch a Romantic Thanksgiving Movie

While romantic Thanksgiving movies might not be as plentiful as that other holiday, there are still plenty of great movies that are perfect to snuggle up and watch together! Check out this list of romantic Hallmark Thanksgiving movies that give all those warm and fuzzy holiday vibes. We won’t judge if you decide to just dive right into the romantic Christmas movies, either!

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Have a Bake Off

A couple bakes with aprons on.
Cute Thanksgiving dates like this give all the great rom com feels!

Similar to the turkey challenge, but much sweeter! One super fun couples activity for Thanksgiving is to bake for each other. Not only is baking for your partner a super sweet way to show your love, but baking together in the same space…. Cue all the rom com style shenanigans that making a mess together in the kitchen can entail! Bonus points if your dessert calls for whipped cream 😉

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Host a Friendsgiving Together

This is one of those classic Thanksgiving things to do for couples that is implied in a few of the other Thanksgiving date ideas, but really, it deserves its own space here. Especially if you or your partner are feeling a little down about not being with your families on this traditionally family-centric holiday, inviting over your chosen family – your nearest and dearest friends – can really help take the sting out. Pull out the puzzles and board games and make it a potluck so the pressure is off you two and all you have to do is enjoy each other and all your fantastic friends!

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Take a Thanksgiving Getaway

So this isn’t one of the more simple Thanksgiving date ideas, but it’s certainly one of the most fun! Book a room at a romantic hotel with a great restaurant that serves up a delicious Thanksgiving feast and leave all the Thanksgiving cooking and clean up to the pros. It doesn’t hurt if you choose a hotel with a pool, hot tub, and/or spa, either!

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There are so many great ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your significant other, but the most important part is just spending quality time together. After all, it is essentially just a date on the calendar, so don’t let it stress you out if you really aren’t sure what kind of couples things to do on Thanksgiving are right for you guys. Just pick something that lets you both enjoy and give thanks for each other, and you’ll be having the most perfect couples Thanksgiving together.

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