37 Romantic & Adventurous Date Ideas for Fall

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I don’t think spring is when love is in the air. I think it’s fall. Without a doubt, fall has to be the most romantic season. The chilly air makes lovers want to snuggle under blankets, walk hand-in-hand clad in flannel, and cozy up to a fire. The scenery is beautiful and the seasonal food is delicious.

What better season is there to fall in love—or rekindle your passion.

Whether you’re casually dating, in a serious relationship, engaged, or married, fall is the perfect time to grab someone special and go on an adventure.

We’ve compiled a list of 37 romantic and adventurous fall date ideas to help you have an amazing season. The best fall date ideas for 2019 (and beyond!).

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 37 Romantic & Adventurous Date Ideas for Fall

fall date ideas for couples

1. Go apple picking in a nearby orchard.

Apple picking is so much fun. Pick a whole bushel or peck and you can bake for days. In September, find your nearest apple orchard and start planning. Apple orchards usually offer an array of pies, fresh cider, and cider donuts, too. Truly the perfect fall date!

2. Have a coffee date in the coziest cafe you know.

While this might not be the most adventurous dates, it’s one of our absolute top choices! Now is the time to unashamedly choose the pumpkin spice latte. Or maple latte & hot cocoa–our personal faves. A coffee date is a great excuse to sit together and have a deep conversation. Or you can even sit and dig into a good book, side-by-side. Sometimes the best dates are ones like that (especially for long-term couples) where you can simply sit and be completely comfortable together.

3. Movie marathon under soft, warm blankets.

It feels like a good time to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, doesn’t it? The Harry Potter films are also fitting for the fall and coming winter season.

Need more date ideas? These are considered the best romantic films of all time.

If scary films are more your thing, Halloween offers plenty of opportunities for horror movie marathons. Don’t forget a cozy blanket to snuggle underneath together.

Nothing wrong with staying in! Our friends Bassam & Lena have some more ideas for stay-at-home date ideas 🙂

4. Get lost together in a corn maze.

Corn mazes are super fall. If you can find a haunted corn maze, even better. In New England, this is one of the ultimate autumn date ideas for couples, and it’s pretty easy to find a corn maze in the region!

romantic fall date ideas - pumpkin patch

5. Pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

Go find the great pumpkin, growing in the wild.

When you get home, you can carve one together, or pick two pumpkins and have a carving contest.

6. Eat too many cider donuts.

Why is fall food soooo good?

Cider donuts are one of our absolute favorite fall treats. If you get them fresh at an apple orchard or farm, that’s the best. Otherwise, you could try making your own at home. A real challenge, but a great date option for an autumn afternoon.

7. Go on a fall hike.

One of the go-to fall dates for couples is hiking. A hiking date is always so much fun, in all seasons.

But in the fall, you can work off all of those cider donuts and pie with a challenging walk or climb. This is the ideal time of year to go hiking, as the temperatures are typically perfect for working up a sweat. And the foliage looks beautiful both along the trail and when you reach the top.

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8. Get spooked together in a haunted house.

Nothing brings people closer like shared fear. October date ideas begin with a trip to the local haunted house! Hold hands and scream together. 

(We screamed and laughed at Busch Gardens Howl o’ Scream this past year!)

9. Create a new fall cocktail, play music, and dance around the kitchen.

Get classy. Grab all your favorite spirits and brew up something amazing.

Together, you can toast to a wonderful fall, and slow dance to some lovely music.

10. Bake a seasonal pie together.

Apple or pumpkin are the clear winners, and to really get in the fall spirit, use apples you’ve picked yourselves.

Here’s a delicious recipe for apple pie that we made together.

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romantic autumn date - bake a pie

11. Go on a road trip somewhere with amazing foliage.

We love a good road trip. Hopefully, you can drive a few hours and peep some killer leafage.

Hint, hint: New England is an absolutely ideal place to visit in the fall.

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12. Create a cozy nook in the bed of a truck and go stargazing.

If you don’t have your own truck, borrow a friend’s. Your partner will love this creative and cozy idea. 

Cover the bed of the truck with pillows and blankets, fill a thermos full of hot cider, and drive out to a dark spot to look at the stars. This is an epic choice for romantic fall date ideas.


13. Take turns cooking a romantic fall dinner for each other.

There are so many yummy fall recipes. Take turns crafting a gorgeous meal for one another.

Need some fall recipe ideas? How about Pumpkin Risotto, Maple Salmon, or Rosemary Cream Pork Chops.

14. Enjoy a bike ride on a crisp, sunny day.

You can take a ride and see some of the gorgeous fall foliage. Not only are you getting good exercise together, but you’re enjoying nature during the best time of year.

cozy autumn date ideas

15. Share stories of your favorite childhood Halloween memories.

Tell each other about your favorite costumes or your first haunted house visit.

16. Attend a fall festival.

There are so many fall harvest events. Pick a couple and explore them with your partner.

You can check out award-winning huge pumpkins at the county fair, or sample pies in a baking contest.

17.  Have a bonfire with friends.

Bonfires are such a fun thing to do with friends. They remind me of being a teenager and feeling young and free. Perhaps you can capture that same feeling on your next fall date night.

If you can’t find a bonfire, cozy up to a fireplace at home. S’mores optional.

18.Go for one last camping trip, before the weather turns too cold.

Summer may be high time for camping, but early fall is a perfect time, too. While the weather is at its most beautiful, head into the wilderness for a day or two.

Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag—a double sleeping bag is ideal for a romantic camping trip.

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19. Make homemade caramel apples.

Just one of fall’s amazing sweet treats.

20. Watch a few of your favorite scary movies.

You can scream and hide your eyes together.

21. Go shopping for Halloween costumes – bonus points for a couples costume!

Go explore the Halloween costumes, try on some masks, and make each other laugh.

If you’re up for it, consider going as a famous duo or pair. Salt and pepper? A pair of dice? Bonnie and Clyde? There are soooo many options.

22. Build an indoor blanket fort.

I don’t care if you’re 9 or 49….an indoor blanket fort is for adults as much as children.

You can use the cozy blankets you bought for cuddle time.

Feel free to create an Instagram-worthy fort, with hanging fairy lights and beautiful touches of decor.

23. Rake the leaves…like adults. Then jump in the leaf piles…like kids!

Speaking of being a grownup…tackle a  fall chore together such as raking the leaves. Then make the most of those piles!

date ideas for autumn

24. Go on a romantic fall getaway (we recommend New England).

Traveling as a couple is always a good idea, and this region has so many options.

If you have some extra $$$ to splurge with, consider a classy bed and breakfast. This type of accommodation is simply made for couples. During your drive, you can pass the time by asking each other some of these fun questions for couples

25. Step back in time (and visit a fantasy world) at a renaissance festival.

Cute fall dates, look no further! Fall is the season of renaissance faires and festivals. Grab your lord or lady, put on some medieval garb, and toast a cup of mead.

26. Sample the tasty offerings at a local cidery.

Hard cider is so popular these days. It shouldn’t be hard to find a local cidery, and most offer tastings.

27. Have a pumpkin beer taste test.

Fall is the season of pumpkin beer! Try all the varieties in the store. We’re partial to Shipyard Pumpkinhead ourselves.

Not super into beer? You can also have a DIY cider tasting. Hard cider has grown in popularity in recent years, so there are typically tons of options at the grocery store.

28. Watch Hocus Pocus…the best Halloween movie ever.

Relive your childhood by watching this great Halloween classic.

(Or go find the filming locations in Salem, MA!)

fall dates for married couples

29. Saddle up and go horseback riding.

Horseback riding is one of the best fall activities for couples! Riding your trusty steed is best when the leaves are at their most colorful. And what could be more sweet and romantic than riding horses through the woods side-by-side?

30. Stay in bed all weekend long.

Sometimes the greatest dates involve doing absolutely nothing at all. Make your weekend bed date even better with your favorite movies, a stash of snacks, and plenty of wine.  

This is a great opportunity to order in for dinner, too. Go ahead and be lazy; you’ll love it. Add this to the top of your list of November date ideas, for when the weather really starts to get chilly and cuddling is a necessity.

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31. Go to a football game.

Cheer on the local high school, or spring for a pro game. This is one of those cute fall date ideas you see in movies, but it’s just as wonderful in real life! 

32. Have a cute fall photo sesh (thanks, Instagram husband!)

If you’re significant other is up for it, take some adorable Instagram-worthy fall photos. So glad my husband doesn’t mind posing with me!

You don’t have to think very hard to find great poses, either. Fall just lends itself naturally to the cutest photos ever. 


33. Make some autumn crafts.

Pinterest has literally a million craft ideas —some of which could help you as you come up with your list of fall dates ideas.

Awaken your inner creativity by glueing, painting, building, and crafting together. Even if you’re terrible at DIY crafts, you can bond over your shared humorous attempts.

34. Go on a hayride (a haunted one is best!)

Looking for fun fall date ideas? Hop on a hayride and enjoy the autumnal scenery. You might even be able to find a haunted hayride, perfect for that Halloween date night. Scarecrows, and pumpkins, and ghosts – oh my! 

35. Take a romantic train ride on a fall foliage route.

Traveling by train is incredibly romantic–especially if you choose a beautiful destination.

36. Book a candlelit couples massage.

Honestly a great date in any season. This is an especially nice date idea if you can surprise your partner with it.

After your massage, treat your loved one to a relaxing dinner and a chilled out evening at home.

37. Turn your home into a cozy fall cabin.

Use twinkle lights and unique touches to make your abode feel like a fall fantasy.

Which of these are your favorite fall ideas for couples? Pin this post to save for later!



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