How to Manage Expectations in Marriage & Committed Relationships

A man kisses his wife on the cheek as she chops vegetables in the kitchen.

Marriage is a partnership. I know, duh. But many of us come into this partnership with an entire script for a good marriage written out entirely in our own heads, and then we become frustrated when our partner doesn’t magically know their lines.  It’s natural and necessary to have expectations in marriage, particularly ones that …

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The Incredible Importance of Self Care in Marriage

A happy couple runs on the beach under the sun.

Ahh, “self care.” It’s become such a buzz word over the last decade or so, but the idea behind it is sound as can be because too many of us put ourselves on the back burner. How does this relate to marriage? Well, do you want to show up for your spouse as your Back …

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The First Year of Marriage: A Survival Guide

A couple drives off in a car that says "Just Married."

Are you newly married and staring down that first year of marriage? While the honeymoon phase of a new marriage is beautiful, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, as you’re surely finding out! If you are looking for tips for your first year of marriage, you’re in the right place. There’s a lot of change …

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Should I Propose Before or After Dinner?

A man proposes to a woman at night. They each have a glass of wine on the table.

Are you planning a dinner proposal? Then you’ve probably got a lot of questions kicking around in your head, some bigger than others. One of the most common is “should I propose before or after dinner?” Yup, when to propose is a big question! Granted, not as big as THE big question you’re gearing up …

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Top Signs of an Unhappy Marriage (and how to make it better)

A woman fidgets with a ring on her finger while sitting on the couch. A man is seen next to her, distraught.

Are you feeling concerned about the state of your marriage and wondering how to improve the health of your relationship? Some of the signs of an unhappy marriage fly under the radar and can take you by surprise, so watching out for signs of marital discord can help you take any issues in stride so …

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Affair-Proof: 7 Ways to Protect Your Marriage from Infidelity

A couple sits on the floor of their home with a pizza between them while smiling.

Marriage is the ultimate act of commitment that two people can make to each other, promising that no matter what, they will remain together in good times and bad, sickness and health, and everything else that life may throw at them until death do them part. There’s only so much that a married couple can …

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Top 5 Things Your Husband Needs to Hear (and 25 Ways to Tell Him!)

A couple sits face to face on a bed.

Marriage is a dance between two people that have committed to sharing their lives together… but sometimes we might miss a step or two! There are things your husband needs to hear that you might have missed saying, and that’s okay because it’s never too late to show up for each other in beautiful, meaningful …

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10 Awesome Anniversary Box Ideas for Him

A man and woman laugh. She holds her hands over his eyes.

Are you looking for anniversary box ideas for him? While there are traditional anniversary gifts for each year you and your love celebrate together, putting together an anniversary box is an incredible way to show your honey how you really feel. Whether this anniversary is paper, leather, or silver for you two, there are some …

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10 Exciting Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

A couple embraces at sunset with the woman's arms around the man's neck.

Marriage is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it?  Two people deciding to commit to each other for the rest of their lives provides incredible security in addition to all of the other wonderful little perks of being married, and then as funny and as fickle as human beings can be, sometimes this security can start …

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24 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Kids

A couple stands while holding their daughters' hands in a garden.

My husband and I have been together for eight years now and married seven in October. I was blessed with a great guy that was the answer to years of prayer, but I can honestly say that marriage really does get better with time when it’s nurtured!  It takes intentionality to build a happy, healthy …

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