What a Wife Needs from Her Husband: 5 Vital Things

A couple lays on their backs in a grey bed with a dog between them

Hey there, gents. I’m so glad you’re here. This post is all about what a woman needs from her husband. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to understand your wife just a bit better. That’s awesome. Learning what our spouse needs from us is one of the essential keys to a happy marriage.  …

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How to Strengthen Your Marriage: 6 Simple Things to Do Every Day

A couple is forehead to forehead and hand to hand, smiling.

Learning how to strengthen your marriage is such an important aim.  But marriages, much like Rome, aren’t built in a day. Marriages are commitments, institutions, and friendships that are forged slowly over time. They are built brick-by-brick and day-by-day. Some days are hard and some are easier. Some are pure bliss while others are days …

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What a Husband Needs From His Wife: 5 Essential Things

A couple sits together smiling and laughing in a restaurant.

What does a husband need from his wife? The answer to this question is complicated. After all, humans are complex people, and each individual is even more uniquely complex. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, men differ from one another in a myriad of ways. So what a husband needs from his wife will vary from one man …

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10 Marriage Goals to Set for the New Year

A couple laughs in a field as the sun sets behind them.

It’s the end of the year, which traditionally means it is time to make those New Year’s resolutions. I love the idea of resolutions, and in particular, I love the idea of New Year’s resolutions for couples. But the idea of resolutions can sometimes feel fleeting–temporary. I’ve got a new take on it. Instead of …

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4 Things I Learned in 4 Months of Marriage

After 4 months of marriage, I felt like I had the basics all figured out. Now, 3 years later, I know I had only begun to scratch the surface of what marriage means.  But in those few months, I learned 4 valuable lessons about marriage. Read on for the tale I wrote as a bright, …

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11 Things to Talk About Before Having Kids

Close up of baby's feet

This is a guest post by Samara of Tiny Fry. Planning for a baby is a joyous time. It’s when you celebrate your relationship with your partner and dream about raising a child and your future as a family. But what about addressing big-ticket questions that you know will arise once baby is actually here? …

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7 Reasons Getting Married Young Rocks

A couple smiles next to plants.

This is a guest post by Terry & Maura of TravelKiwis. So, you’re getting married? Yes. But aren’t you two a little too young? Not if we were living in the early 1900’s. We were the 80’s kids growing up with great music, puff shoulder garments and the mullet haircut. Oh no! It was a …

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