10 Common Signs You Might be Dating a Narcissist

A woman trying to figure out if she's seeing signs you might be dating a narcissist

Are you looking for signs you might be dating a narcissist? Narcissism is a term that gets thrown around easily these days, often to indicate some fairly run-of-the-mill personality traits like selfishness and vanity. While these aren’t typically attractive to most of us, they aren’t reason enough to suspect the person you are dating is …

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Love Letters for Him: Ideas for Sweet, Sexy, Long-Distance & More!

A typewriter has typed out "i love you" in love letters for him

What could be more romantic than a good old-fashioned love letter? There is something so heartwarming about being able to physically see how your partner feels about you written out. Plus, it’s such a lovely keepsake to have tucked away throughout the years to read over again any time you need a reminder of how …

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25+ Adorable Rainy Day Date Ideas for You

A pair of feet belong to a couple on rainy day date ideas

A rainy day can be the perfect time for a date! A rainy day is perfect for inspiring maximum yearning for all things comfy and cozy, and how lovely is that for date vibes? If you’re looking for indoor rainy day date ideas that let you have fun together while sheltering from the storm or …

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The First Year of Marriage: A Survival Guide

A couple in the first year of marriage drives off in a car with a Just Married sign on the back

Are you newly married and staring down that first year of marriage? While the honeymoon phase of a new marriage is beautiful, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, as you’re surely finding out! If you are looking for tips for your first year of marriage, you’re in the right place. There’s a lot of change …

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Should I Propose Before or After Dinner?

A couple answers the Should I Propose before or after dinner question by proposing before dinner!

Are you planning a dinner proposal? Then you’ve probably got a lot of questions kicking around in your head, some bigger than others. One of the most common is “should I propose before or after dinner?” Yup, when to propose is a big question! Granted, not as big as THE big question you’re gearing up …

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Top Signs of an Unhappy Marriage (and how to make it better)

A couple sits on a couch going over the signs of an unhappy marriage

Are you feeling concerned about the state of your marriage and wondering how to improve the health of your relationship? Some of the signs of an unhappy marriage fly under the radar and can take you by surprise, so watching out for signs of marital discord can help you take any issues in stride so …

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Baby Essentials for the First 3 Months: 22 Things We Love!

caucasian mom and dad laying on ground kissing head of baby girl between them

We just had a baby, so I don’t know how I’m finding the time to write this, but here I am! I know how important it is when you’re looking for the right baby essentials for the first 3 months. Especially as a first-time parent! It can be stressful, the research needed can be time-consuming, …

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77 Powerful Quotes about Trust in a Relationship

A woman gives her partner a piggyback ride as they smile broadly at each other in quotes about trust in a relationship

Ahhhh trust. It is a beautiful experience to be in a relationship with absolute trust. We all know how very important trust in a relationship is; it’s one of those things that sometimes we don’t even realize how incredibly important it is until it’s been broken, unfortunately. Whether you’re looking for quotes about learning to …

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How to Build Trust in a Relationship (Even if it’s Broken)

A couple happily embraces on a dock on a sunny day while building trust in a relationship

How important is trust in a relationship? VERY. Without trust, there is very little opportunity for true connection and intimacy, and there are not very many places a relationship can go without those things.  If you’re in a relationship that feels like it is lacking in trust, there are ways to build trust in a …

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