18+ Best Board Games for Couples: Perfect for Date Night

board games for couples header image - Cropped shot of a young happy couple relaxing at home

Even for the most devoted couple, evenings at home can become monotonous after a while. As fun as it is to read and watch TV together, sometimes you want something different. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the very best board games for couples. Why Playing Games is Great for Couples …

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150 Conversation Starters for Couples: Deep, Thought Provoking Questions

conversation starters for couples image - couple playing in the autumn, blond woman taking piggyback ride from bearded man

Whether you’re tired of making the same old small talk, or simply looking to spice up your next date night, consider trying out some of these great conversation starters for couples. We’ve got 150 thought-provoking questions for couples to ask one another.  In a long term relationship, or even in a newer one, sometimes you …

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9 Things That Will Happen When You Meet the Right Person

A couple is wrapped up together in a gray blanket while standing outside on a cloudy day.

So you’ve met someone new and seemingly wonderful. How do you know if it’s a relationship meant to last? Can there be signs you’ve met the right person? We think so, and guest author Emma Frances shares her opinion on 9 things that happen when you meet the right person. Like us, Emma met her partner …

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26 Common Relationship Myths You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

A couple embraces after learning relationship myths were holding them back

In our world, there are a lot of relationship myths. These are misguided (though perhaps well-intentioned) ideas about love and relationships that our society has grown to accept as truth, spouting them to the next generations as given facts of romantic wisdom. The cycle of these love lies continues on and on, reflected in popular …

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35 Amazing Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Couples

A couple twirls and dances together after sending long distance relationship gifts

Long distance relationships are tough, but they are full of love. And to express that love, long-distance couples have to find ways to connect across the miles. One of the best ways to do this is by exchanging long distance relationship gifts. And in our Internet-focused world, it’s truly easier than ever to buy an …

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50 Christmas Pick Up Lines and Flirty Texts

Christmas pick up lines at a bar

Tis the season for all the cute Christmas pick up lines and fun, flirty texts you can imagine! Gear up for some pretty punny (hehe) Christmas pick up line and text ideas that will be sure to Jingle their Bells for you and only you… Some are classic Christmas pick up puns, others are a …

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How to Tell Someone You Like Them: Tips for Grown Ass Adults

A man and woman flirt over a countertop as they figure out how to tell someone you like them

We know, it can be hard to put yourself out there, especially after you’ve outgrown the age where you can just send your bestie to casually ask their bestie if they might possibly kinda a little bit like you, right? No worries, because we’ve put together this guide for how to tell someone you like …

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12 Thanksgiving Date Ideas: A Special Thanksgiving for Two

A couple embraces with a Thanksgiving table set behind them as they smile.

Tis the season… for turkey, that is! Of course, there’s more to Thanksgiving than just the delicious foods, like the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness we have for those we love most. If you’re not spending a traditional holiday with the fam but are instead looking for Thanksgiving date ideas this year, you’ve come to …

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