The Ultimate USA Road Trip Playlist: 50 Songs for 50 States

usa road trip playlist - Amazing sunrise with pink, gold and magenta colors near Monument Valley, Arizona, USA.

As travel lovers, we’ve done a lot of moving around over the years, and music has been our constant companion. This Fourth of July, we’ve found ourselves back in our home country, the USA. What better way to honor our nation than with a selection of great music? A classic USA road trip playlist. Hitting …

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18 Leather Anniversary Gifts: Traditional 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Did you know leather anniversary gifts are the traditional option for the 3rd anniversary? Anniversary gifts can be tricky–should they be aimed at one spouse or applicable to both? As the Two Drifters approached the third anniversary of our wedding, we started thinking about the myriad possibilities to commemorate this, our third year as a …

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How to Drive The Great Ocean Road in One Day

How much time do you need to see the Great Ocean Road? Can you drive it in just one day? Ideally, you’ll have several days available to you, so that you can experience the GOR to its fullest. This is a gorgeous area of Australia, and it’s worth the time if you can spend it. …

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20+ Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on wooden table, slices of dry orange and colored lights on background. gingerbread man house

‘Tis the season to be thinking of what to give your romantic partner for the holidays. For those with a man in their life, this can be a challenge. Here we present a range of romantic, useful, or just plain fun items: the perfect stocking stuffers for your husband or boyfriend to use, play with, …

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How to Be a Better Husband: 9 Ways to Rock at Marriage

how to be a better husband - man and woman embracing in field, photo is faded in color

Marriage is amazing, but it is also complicated and mysterious. Before I met Amy, I saw many of my friends’ parents get divorced or seem deeply unhappy in their marriages. This made getting married look like a fool’s errand–if these capable adults couldn’t make it work, what made me think that I could? My marriage …

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18+ Best Board Games for Couples: Perfect for Date Night

board games for couples header image - Cropped shot of a young happy couple relaxing at home

Even for the most devoted couple, evenings at home can become monotonous after a while. As fun as it is to read and watch TV together, sometimes you want something different. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the very best board games for couples. Why Playing Games is Great for Couples …

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13 Nerdy Date Ideas that You’ll Want to Try Immediately

header image for nerdy date ideas - cute couple playing video games and sitting side by side on couch. white wall in background

Attention all nerdy and geeky couples! We’ve compiled a date night list just for you! Presenting 13 fun and nerdy date ideas you’re going to love. Everyone likes going out to dinner and catching a movie, but some couples have unique, niche interests that aren’t captured on the typical list of date ideas. This date …

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30+ Awesome Camping Gift Ideas for Couples

Wherever you live, whenever you need a break from work, city life, or the crowded modern world, camping is a great escape! We have camped many times, especially near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian mountains. On different occasions, we have gone both prepared and unprepared, and we can tell you that having some …

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Changing Minds and Hearts in Siberia

When we were invited by Follow Up Siberia to enter a contest to visit that far-away land, we were both excited and curious. We had been in Eastern Europe, not far from Russia, but the country, and especially Siberia, remained mysterious. The first thing we learned was that Siberia is huge, comprising virtually all of …

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How to Avoid Fights While Traveling as a Couple

How to Avoid Fights While Traveling as a Couple Like relationships, every trip with a partner will come with its share of conflict. Travel, despite its blessings, involves lots of factors likely to result in fights: time crunches, financial pressure, changes in plans, extended periods in close quarters, and more. Being on the road can be …

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