Words of Affirmation for Him: 50 Ways to Encourage Your Man

words of affirmation for him | Young couple in love sitting cross-legged on a tree branch above the river in nice sunny day. Photo is colorized in warm tints.

You love your man, right? Of course, you do! You love him, but… can you speak his love language? The phrase “love language,” was coined in Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages, which laid out the different ways that people often give and receive love best: their love language; click on this summary of …

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110 Flirty Texts for Him: Fun, Cute Text Messages He’ll Love

handsome guy smiling at phone - reading flirty texts for him

Need some inspiration for coming up with a flirty text? Let us present to you more than 100 tried and true sweet messages for him. These range from the best flirty texts to send when you’re dating to romantic texts to send your husband, and everything in between. Modern dating. Much of our flirtation and …

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14 Sweet Relationship Milestones Worth Celebrating

What do the happiest couples have in common? They know that relationships aren’t necessarily meant to be easy; they take hard work and dedication to succeed.  But the work you’ve put in is more than worth it. That’s what makes anniversaries so special, and not just anniversaries; why not celebrate each and every milestone that …

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10 Relationship Rituals That Will Help Your Love Grow Stronger

relationship rituals header image - couple in brightly colored sweaters and winter hats nuzzling outdoors in the late sun

Did you know that relationship rituals can be an amazing way to strengthen your love?  Throughout history, sacred things have been preserved and honored by ritual. Cultures and groups both religious and secular show deep appreciation for the power of ritual. Indeed, ritual continues even to this day. One thing that is undeniably sacred is …

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95 Flirty Texts for Her: Sweet Messages to Make Her Swoon

What’s the way to a woman’s heart? Often, it starts with a sweet word. We ladies may not swoon over cheesy pick-up lines, but a well-placed, romantic text often does the trick. The perfect flirty text for her can spark interest and flirtation.  But what do you say? Sometimes the words don’t come easily. Well, …

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18 Powerful Prayers for Your Husband and Your Marriage

A wife’s prayer for her husband can be a powerful thing. It can also be a great way to show love for him. Do you pray daily for your husband? It’s something I try to do, but I so often forget. It’s difficult to get into a habit of prayer, especially when life is so …

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25+ Open When Letter Ideas for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

open when letter ideas for couples - image of pink carnations on top of old fashioned envelope

Have you heard of open when letters? These are a super romantic way to let a partner know you’re thinking of them, especially when you’re far away. We’ve compiled the perfect list of open when letter ideas just for you! There’s nothing as sweet as a handwritten letter. When you’re far apart from someone, those …

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8 Ways to Create More Romance in a Relationship

romance in a relationship

As the years go by, relationships go through ups and downs. Periods of ebbs and flows with feelings, excitement, and novelty. When you’re committed to someone, you have to make effort through these seasons; finding ways to stay connected and close, and keep your relationship at the forefront of your lives. You might call this …

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100 Reasons Why I Love You List and Gift Ideas

header for reasons why i love you list - attractive couple laughing and cuddling in bed white sheets

Want to write a reasons why I love you list for your significant other? It’s easier than you think. I am here to help!  For many of us, it’s difficult to put our love into words. It’s a challenge to say, “Here are all the reasons why I love you.” I decided I’d sit down …

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