7 Halloween Date Ideas for Spooky, Romantic Fun

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It’s the spoooookiest time of year! But who says Halloween can’t offer some romance for couples as well? With these 7 clever, creative Halloween date ideas, you and your significant other can celebrate the season in a special way.

Craft your own creepy cocktails

Close up of an orange pumpkin with glasses of red cocktails on either side.

Grab some of your favorite liquors and get experimental with your cocktails. You could make delicious, classic cocktails if you choose, but why not try some with a twist? There are so many ways to turn a typical drink into an All Hallows’ Eve drink! Consider a few fun recipes like these, or use them to inspire your own drinks. Cheers!

Solve a mystery together

Are you a true crime fanatic? Join the club! Well, the perfect Halloween date night just might involve true crime….or fictional. Have you heard of the game Hunt a Killer? This subscription box is awesome for couples who get a thrill out of solving a crime. You’ll receive a host of clues in your box each month, and you’ll sort through those while you get closer to solving the mystery. In fact, each mystery unfolds over 6 episodes, or months, so this is a date the two of you can plan each month!

Murder mystery game pieces including newspapers and other relics.

Pick out/make your Halloween costumes

What part of Halloween is better than the costumes? Early in October, the two of you can plan a special date where you pick out and buy your costumes or where you DIY them together. We’ve got tons of ideas for couples costumes if you’re looking to go as a pair or a set!

Have a scary movie marathon

This is one of my favorite fall date ideas in general, but it’s especially great on Halloween night or close to it. 

My favorites are the classics like The Shining: films that are scary but not overly gory. But maybe the Saw franchise is more your speed? You do you, boo. Whichever you choose, pick a few and snuggle together under a warm blanket. 

Pig out on Halloween treats while you watch. Who says Halloween candy is just for kids? If you’re not a candy fan, consider baking (and decorating) some seasonal cookies together, too. 

Four Halloween cookies on a table.

Visit a haunted spot

If you reeeeeally want to get in the spooky spirit, go right to the source: a reputedly haunted spot in your town. It’s not hard to find these with a simple Google search! Old asylums, creepy cemeteries, abandoned houses, terrifying ruins in the woods. Go and have a peak! Perhaps you’ll have a haunted experience you’ll share together. Don’t forget to be adults and be respectful of private property, etc. 

Tell scary stories by the fire

Not into actually visiting haunted places, but would rather just talk about that stuff? Yeah, me too. For you and your beau, I recommend a date night focused on storytelling. Get ready with your best ghost stories and legends (whether real or imagined) and tell them to one another by firelight.

If you don’t have any stories of your own, consider reading aloud some creepy tales from the Internet. A good place to go is Reddit’s subreddit r/nosleep. Or get lost in this thread about disappearances and strange encounters in the woods. You’re welcome.

A couple in Halloween costumes poses with a black wall behind them.

Carve jack-o-lanterns

Finally, the most classic Trick-or-Treat date there is: carving pumpkins! Grab your gourds, your sharp objects, and your inspiration, and get to work creating a couple of masterpieces. Personally, I like to pair pumpkin carving with listening to a playlist of classic Halloween tunes. Monster Mash, anyone?

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