17 Fun Late Night Date Ideas for Couples

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Up late tonight? Work different schedules? For whatever reason, you and your significant other are looking for some great late night date ideas. 

First of all, kudos for prioritizing date night, even if you’re keeping unusual hours! That’s so important for a healthy relationship. 

Second, maybe the two of you are just night owls. That’s cool, too! There are so many late night activities you can try together, both at home and out and about. 

While the late night hours certainly lend themselves to tumbling around together beneath the sheets (and we’re not discouraging that!) sometimes you want to get out of bed. So we’ve put together a collection of fun nighttime date ideas that will change things up a bit. Looking for romance in the wee hours of the morning? Try one of these late night adventures.

17 Romantic, Cute Late Night Date Ideas

Have a midnight picnic

I am a big fan of the midnight picnic. I did this a few times in college with friends and it was a blast. It’s as simple as heading outside with a blanket and your favorite snacks, but you can also spend time setting up the perfect backyard setup for romantic, chill ambiance.

Supplies for the midnight picnic: Blanket | Twinkly lights | Plastic wine glasses

Play late-night TV bingo 

This is a good last-minute late night date idea. If you find yourselves up late, flipping through the tube, create a silly bingo you can play with late-night TV tropes. Make up the squares yourself and then have fun competing to win. Some ideas for bingo spaces: cheesy infomercial, jazz music, terrible made-for-tv movie. 

Breakfast for dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Whip up a masterpiece of a meal for you and your sweetheart for tonight’s at-home date.

Also, it’s probably the only acceptable time to pair pancakes with wine. 

Beautiful passionate couple having a romantic candlelight dinner at home, drinking wine, toasting


Of all the fun things to do late at night, stargazing may be the most simple and romantic. Ideally, you live somewhere with little light pollution that allows for an unobstructed view of the night sky, but if not, you can use a stargazing app to help you see where the constellations are. 

Building the world’s best blanket fort

Here’s another date idea I love to add to almost every date night post I write: the blanket fort! Because honestly, there’s nothing so fun and silly as making a cozy blanket or pillow fort with your partner. You get to feel like kids, get comfy, build something unique, and have a blast doing it. 

Retro Sleepover

As kids, sleepovers are the best. They can be awesome as adults, too, especially with someone you love. For this date, plan to play truth or dare, pop popcorn, and tell ghost stories. The blanket fort is a must for this one.

At-home spa night

Here’s one of our favorite creative things to do with your boyfriend at night: a spa experience. You can do this in-home date idea at any hour of the day or night, but late night is especially fun because it lends itself so well to lighting tons of candles. 

Give one another massages, do soothing facials, and make sure you’ve got Enya playing at full blast.

At-home spa date supplies: Massage oil | Face masks | Pure Moods 

Deep conversation time

There’s never a bad time to get to know your partner better. And late night conversations can be some of the best and most memorable. Need inspiration for what to talk about? Check out our 99 Thought Provoking Questions for Couples.

Full length portrait of a lovely couple leaning on their car in the night while embracing and having fun with sparkles.

Backyard camping

You don’t have to go far for the best late night adventure ideas. Have you thought about camping in your own backyard? This is a highly underrated activity. In the privacy of your own yard you can set up the ultimate camping experience without any fear of bears.

Camping supplies: Camping for Couples: Essential Gear Guide & Tips for Two

Karaoke for two

If you’re in an apartment, you might want to make sure you don’t have thin walls, or this late night date will bother your neighbors. It’s all about karaoke tonight! You don’t even need a karaoke machine, just search on YouTube for karaoke versions of your favorite songs. 

Hit the town

If you’re in a city with some nightlife, then going out for an evening on the town is a clear choice for fun late night dates. You could also consider taking a weekend getaway to a nearby city. Find the spots that stay open late and make sure to book a comfy hotel to head back to at the end of your romantic evening out. 

Couple walking at alley in night lights. Photo in vintage style.

Catch the sunrise

Early morning counts as late night, too! If you’re up for it, go somewhere and watch the sunset together. There’s nothing so romantic as seeing a new day dawn side-by-side.

Fast food run

One of the easiest things to do late at night? Eat! But better than a midnight fridge raid is a trip to your favorite fast food spot. There’s probably at least one in your area that is open late, so go crazy and splurge on all that terrible junk. 

Late-night walk

There aren’t always a lot of places to go late at night, but you can certainly explore your city or your neighborhood on foot. A late night walk with your partner is a really lovely way to spend an evening. You’ll likely have the sidewalks all to yourselves, and you can experience the world in a completely different way. 

Love in the rain / Silhouette of kissing couple under umbrella

Go shopping

There’s likely a 24-hour store in your area, so take advantage of the lack of crowds and go get some shopping done! 

Shopping in the middle of the night is so bizarre. Have you ever stepped into a fluorescent-lit Price Chopper after midnight? It’s a strange place. But explored with your partner by your side, it turns into a fun late night adventure.

Glow in the dark body painting

It’s dark, so get creative with some luminescent body paint and turn one another into a glowing masterpiece. You’ll need a black light for most of these to be there most vibrant.

Get your paint here: UV Body Paint

Play a sexy game

The late hours are an ideal time to play a sexy, flirty game with your partner. We’ve got a list of the best games for couples to help you find the perfect option. The list has several games that are perfect for married couples. There’s regular games on there too, if you’re feeling more like playing Clue.

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