17 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples that are Totally Adorable

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When is the last time you had a date night with your spouse? More than in any other relationship, married couples need regular date nights. Date nights allow you to focus solely on one another, strengthening your connection, energizing your bond, and simply helping you make wonderful memories together.

But what happens when you’re bored with just dinner and a movie? Don’t you worry, because we’ve got 17 fabulous ideas for you and your partner. Whether you want to stay in or go out for a fun evening on the town, these are some of our favorite date night ideas for married couples, perfect for igniting sparks of romance and affection in your marriage. 

Visit a museum or gallery together

This is a simple and cheap date idea, but it’s one that’s easy to forget about. Museums and art galleries can be a whole lot of fun, and exploring them together is extra enjoyable. 

You might see if there is a special exhibit going on to enjoy together. Or spice up a regular museum visit with a quirky twist, like a game of art museum bingo.

If you opt to visit an art museum, stop before each work of art and discuss what it means to you, or what you think the artist was trying to portray. You’ll likely learn something about your spouse, even if you’ve been married for years, and you’ll definitely learn something about art.

PS: See hundreds of other date ideas for couples on our site for even more inspiration!

Relive your wedding

Remember one of the happiest moments of your life together? Your wedding day was such an amazing experience, it deserves attention, not just on your anniversary. 

For a sweet date night, spend time together reminiscing about your wedding and what your marriage has grown to become. Pull out the photo albums, watch your wedding video, and talk about the entire day in detail. If you have special mementos from your day, bring those out as well. Have a mini vow renewal. Dance to your wedding song in the living room. Heck, put on your wedding dress, if you’d like to! However you choose to commemorate this awesome special occasion, as you spend time together, you’ll remember why you chose to marry this special person. 

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Create a bucket list together (or check off an item)

Creating goals to pursue as a couple is really fulfilling, and also does wonders for your marriage!

A couple holds hands while looking out at balloons floating above.

One of our favorite suggested date nights is to design a bucket list together. What should go on this? The sky’s the limit, really, but we recommend including a range of goals: some that will be easier to achieve and others that our dreams you may need to work hard for. Doing this side by side is not only super fun, but it gets you thinking more deeply about your shared life together.

Looking for some bucket list ideas? Check out our ultimate couples bucket list, which includes travel goals, relationship goals, and much more.

This date night is free, so we say, let yourselves splurge a bit with some fancy snacks!

Plan an AirBnb staycation

You don’t have to travel the world to have an amazing romantic date. Here’s a great idea: why not stay in your own city for a weekend? The twist is, you’ll stay at a local AirBnb for a fun change of scenery.

Just getting out of your house and staying somewhere new can be refreshing. Many married couples know that there’s a definite allure when you’re on vacation. Being somewhere exciting and novel breathes new life into your relationship. Well, an Airbnb can provide the same fresh environment, without the additional costs of traveling far away or paying for an expensive hotel. 

PS: If you’ve never tried AirBnb before, you can get $40 off of your first stay by using our link! Consider it a sweet date night gift from us!

You also don’t need to leave the house to have a fabulous staycation. Turn your humble abode into a luxurious accommodation with simple little touches like fresh sheets, breakfast in bed, and a delicious bottle of champagne for two. This is one of the sweetest at home date night ideas.

Have a midnight picnic

The midnight picnic is one of the best romantic date ideas for couples. Even busy couples with kids at home can make time for this one. (It’s one of our all-time favorite late night dates, too)

At midnight, the two of you will share in a romantic picnic in your yard. If it’s chilly out, bring blankets, wine, and light a fire if possible. Snowing outside? An indoor picnic is totally fine too!

This is a simple and fun at home date that doesn’t cost much but will create lovely memories. After all, there’s nothing like sitting under the night sky with the one you love.  

Coffee & conversation

A visit to a local coffee shop is always a welcome activity for married couples.  You could certainly just sit side-by-side and read a favorite book or magazine, but why not do something different and special? To make it a sweet date, change things up by putting your focus on each other. Put away your phones and distractions and simply sit, sip, and talk. This is a back-to-basics kind of date idea, and it is a great way to connect.

A woman kisses a man\'s cheek in front of coffee cups.

If you’re not sure what to talk about, that’s okay. There’s plenty of benefits to just sitting contentedly side by side. You can also grab our list of conversation starters for couples to help get the conversational juices flowing. This just might actually make you feel like you’re dating again!

Get a couples massage

We sincerely believe that getting pampered together is a tremendous way to bond. Whenever we go on a trip together, we try to get a couples massage. It’s incredibly relaxing and sets the tone for a laidback, happy date night to come. 

You don’t have to be on vacation to take advantage of a good massage, however. Check out the options local to you. There are likely hotels or spas nearby that offer massages, either a side-by-side couples option or independent massages you can enjoy separately. In fact, some massage therapists will even come to your home to provide the ultimate in relaxation for two. See what you can find!

Another option for an at home date night is to take turns giving each other a massage. 

Cocktails and slow dancing

One of the classic romantic date night ideas for married couples is dinner and dancing. Well, with this fresh take, you don’t even have to leave your house. Just make sure you have everything you need before date night begins. 

Create a romantic playlist of all your favorite songs, especially those that are important to your marriage. Have your favorite liquors and mixers on hand. Grab some snacks you both love.

When you’re ready, light the candles. Pour the drinks. Turn on the tunes. Hold each other close.

Have a classic movie marathon 

There are hundreds of amazing films out there, and especially classic films. Chances are pretty good that there are a few that neither of you have seen. Well, pop some popcorn and get watching! You’ll have a blast discovering some of the old classics together, and you just might discover a fresh favorite on this fun date night.

 Try something totally new (and outdoors, if possible)

For your next unique date, why not try something you’ve never done before? This are so many fun (and sometimes a little bit crazy) ideas for couples!

Now, you don’t have to hop on a bike and roll off into the sunset. You don’t have to do anything outdoors if it doesn’t appeal to you, but there is definitely something special about enjoying an outdoor adventure with the one you love. Possible ideas: hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, geocaching?

A man and woman smile outdoors in winter clothing.

Of course, there are plenty of indoor activities for married couples to try! Just research to find out what’s available around you. There is sure to be some kind of class or workshop you can attend. This will give you the opportunity to learn a skill and try something unfamiliar together. Hint: Groupon is a great place to find deals on these kinds of activities. 

Cook a gourmet meal together

Want some ideas for amazing husband and wife date nights? Cooking together is always super romantic (and, you know, it’s also quite practical!)

You will want to incorporate candles and other elements of ambiance to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Make dinner reservations for the fanciest restaurant in your city

Not all dates for married couples have to be totally unique and creative. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice dinner out together. But if you want to create a really special date night, consider forgetting about your usual dinner spots and opt for one of your area’s best and fanciest restaurants. You know, one of those places where you need to make reservations a month in advance. 

While you might need to save this dating plan for a significant occasion, like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, it’s something all married couples should try to do at least once. 

Enjoy takeout by candlelight

Here’s a twist on your usual dinner date night: takeout your favorite items from your favorite restaurants and have a great time together eating them at home from the comfort of your couch (or even the floor! Go Wild!) Chances are good you will enjoy your food even more than you normally do, and you’ll definitely be able to focus more attention on your partner when it’s just the two of you in your “restaurant.”

Hit up an indoor trampoline park

On our last anniversary, we went to an indoor trampoline park together. On a weekday morning. Oh man, was it hilarious. You don’t know humor ’til you’ve seen your husband launch headfirst into a pit full of foam blocks.

For active, quirky, and fun date night ideas for married couples, this one is a must-add to the agenda.

Play some board games…perhaps some risqué ones

When’s the last time you had a game night for two? Here’s your chance. Pull out your favorite games, open a bottle of wine, and get the competition started. This is one of our favorite ideas for married couples. It’s always a lot of laughs and it’s a really laid back evening.

Roses and candles sit on a table while a man and woman cheers in the background.

But you don’t have to be stuck playing Monopoly if you don’t want to be. Consider grabbing a new board game for your next at-home date night; we’ve got a bunch of couples board game suggestions here, some of which are a bit more daring. Perfect for married couples looking for a spicy game night.

Have a second “first date”

Finally, the last of our romantic date night ideas is this one: go on a “first” date! 

Now obviously, your real first date was probably years ago, but for this one, you can start fresh. There’s a slight bit of roleplaying in this one. You’re going to meet up at a bar or restaurant and “pretend” you are strangers meeting for the first time. Essentially, you are getting a chance at a second impression, a chance to “meet” your spouse again for the first time. 

This great date can be fun and a little bit silly, but there’s no doubt it will have you seeing your partner through new eyes and with a fresh perspective. 

Stay in bed all weekend

How often do you take time to just BE with your spouse? Let go of all rules and distractions, find babysitters for the younger members of your family, and simply play. Could this be one of the most perfect dates you’ve had in years? Perhaps it is exactly what your marriage needs. You’ll feel like you did when you first started dating. 

We all need that kind of uninterrupted time now and again. This weekend, try one of our favorite sexy date ideas. Don’t leave the bed—or even the bedroom—if at all possible. (You can be as strict as you’d like with this idea. After all, visits to the kitchen and bathroom are definitely going to be necessary). 

Get creative with your stay-in-bed activity! Clearly there is ample opportunity for plenty of romance and intimacy, but there is also room to relax, laugh, and play. We recommend ordering takeout since you probably won’t feel like cooking. Go ahead and be lazy! You deserve it.

What is your favorite married couples date night idea? Share it with us in the comments!

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