25 Spring Date Ideas: A Spring Bucket List for Couples You’ll Love

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After months of cold, snowy, dark days, the winter blues are beginning to fade and spring is officially on its way! The sun is coming out, the temperatures are rising, and the flowers are blooming– it’s the perfect time to plan some fun. How about these best spring date ideas? Try these 25 date ideas with your significant other ASAP.

The sporadic rainy days may keep you inside more than you’d prefer, especially following a long winter of staying in the warmth of your home, but there are lots of fun things to do in the spring both indoors and outdoors. (And a lot of these are free date ideas!) Creating a spring bucket list is the perfect way to keep busy and make this spring an exciting season to spend together!

Here are 25 sweet ideas for spring dates:

Have a late-night picnic

As the days turn warmer, make sure to take advantage of this beautiful spring weather—even at unexpected times!

Have you ever had a midnight picnic? This is a great date idea for parents, as you can schedule your date for after the kids are in bed. Grab some wine, snacks, a blanket, and stargaze together from your backyard. We love this date idea, because it is intimate and romantic, and also quite affordable!

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Visit a botanical garden

If you’ve never been to a botanical garden, spring is the perfect time to visit! The beautiful colors and fresh smell of spring flowers make a visit to the botanical garden one of the most romantic date ideas for couples in the spring season. Many botanical gardens also have educational tours, as well as music or art exhibits, making it a great trip for kids too!

Create your couples bucket list

Have you ever created a couples bucket list? Spring is a perfect opportunity to do so. After all, there is so much possibility in the air! Get creative with travel ideas, relationship stuff, and once-in-a-lifetime plans you can make together.

Dye Easter eggs

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, dyeing eggs is a fun and cheap spring date idea everyone should try. It may seem like an activity for kids, but it’s just as fun as an adult! All you need are some eggs, a dyeing kit, and a bit of creativity.

A couple embraces while standing on the road in the dust.

Go to a music festival or outdoor concert

Spring is music festival season, and when the weather starts to warm up, concerts are even more fun outdoors! Going to a music festival is something that every couple should experience, and while it may not be the cheapest spring date night, the cost is well worth it for the amount of fun you’ll have together. Pack a romantic picnic for even more springtime sweetness.

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Take a painting class together

This idea is not just great for spring; it’s wonderful year-round, but spring is a time when creativity thrives, so get to the studio!

You don’t have to be the artistic type to succeed in a painting class– the instructors are well-trained to make an artist out of anyone, and you’ll definitely be impressed with what you can create with a bit of help. Lots of local craft stores offer beginners’ painting classes, and some areas even have “painting with a twist” classes that include free wine—perfection for date night!

Tie-dye something

Go a little wild and vintage this spring. Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and a tie-dye kit, find some white clothes begging for some color, and have a lovely time making something new. Ideally, you should play a retro playlist to jam to while you work on your hip new threads. 

Hit up the farmers market

The best of the season is found at your local farmers market, which usually first opens in the spring months. Markets make for fabulous spring date ideas because there’s so much to see, do, and sample! You can stroll hand in hand as you check out all the local produce, arts, crafts, baked goods, and so much more. As a bonus, farmer’s markets are usually full of cute dogs! 

Go for a hike on a nature trail

Spring is more of the time to plan a date day than a date night. And a perfect day date is an energizing hike.

Like a botanical garden, spring is often the best time to visit a nature trail. Spring weather won’t be too warm to get a good outdoor workout, and nature trails are usually designed to be far less difficult than a typical hike. Plus, you’ll get to see the local wildlife and blooming spring flowers, giving you a great opportunity to take photos!

Do some spring cleaning

It’s not the most exciting activity, but how good does it feel to get rid of your old things? This is one of our spring date ideas that takes care of two things at once. Not only do you get to clean to make room for new stuff or just to declutter the house, and if you have anything that’s still in good condition, you can donate it to a local charity.

Go mini-golfing 

Mini golf might sound like a cliche date idea, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. It’s one of the cheapest date ideas out there, and the spring weather is perfect for an hour or two of competitive outdoor fun. Honestly, I love mini-golf! And according to this article, many other women do too!

Make a bird feeder – one of the best spring date ideas

The reappearance of birds is one of the telling signs that winter is ending. Making a bird feeder isn’t as difficult as it might sound– you can find kits at craft stores, or you can simply buy a plain one and decorate it however you like. It’s a relaxing activity that’s great for a day indoors, and seeing all the birds that come to your yard will make spring really feel like spring.

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Plan a summer trip

Spring is only a few short months away from summer, and planning a summer trip will give the two of you something to look forward to throughout the season. 

Devote one of your date nights to travel planning—and travel dreaming—and come up with an exciting adventure you both can’t wait to embark on!

A couple is blowing bubbles together outside.

See a play or musical

High school or college theatre productions often take place during the spring and can be a great cheap date idea. Or if you’re really into theatre, take an opportunity to splurge on tickets for your favorite nationally touring show. Live performances are always fantastic. 

Go for a bike ride

Like nature walks, a bike ride can be your chance to explore the great outdoors and get a good workout without expending too much energy. You can go on a trail and enjoy nature or take a tour of your city together. If you don’t have a bike, many areas have hourly or by the day rentals for a surprisingly low amount. 

Create an Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunts are a childhood favorite, but that doesn’t mean they’re only for kids! Fill some colored plastic eggs with candy, designate specific colors for each of you, and hide the other’s eggs across your home or yard, then have fun racing to find all the eggs your partner has hidden! 

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Do some wine tasting

Looking for romantic date ideas that are ideal for spring? Wine tasting is great; why not celebrate the fruits of the season? 

Visit yard sales

Because everyone is doing their own spring cleaning, yard sales will be starting to pop up all over. Take a day to hit up a few yard sales around your neighborhood and see if you can find anything worthwhile. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you might be surprised by some of the things others deem “junk.”

Go to the zoo

Zoo traffic tends to skyrocket in the summer, so a spring visit can help you avoid the crowds. Plus, because spring temperatures can be all over the place, you’ll likely get to see more animals than during a summer visit– many of the animals that prefer the cold will still be out, but a lot of those that have been gone for winter will be starting to re-emerge as well. 

A couple sits on a park bench while the woman holds flowers.

Volunteer together

National Volunteer Week is in April, making spring a great season to donate some of your time! Nearly all nonprofit organizations could use your help in some way, whether they’re preparing for a big event or just need an extra hand with everyday activities. Volunteering can be a lot of fun, and you’ll feel amazing knowing you’ve helped to make a difference.

Take a road trip

Hop in the car and head out with the windows down. That spring breeze is sure to make you feel unbelievable…and super romantic. 

See a baseball game

Baseball season begins in the spring, so why not go to a game? You don’t need to have the best seats to see the field, and a minor league game can be just as fun as the major leagues. PS: This would be a really fun first date idea.

Plant a garden

Planting a garden together may not seem like the most exciting of activities to do in spring, but it can be very exciting to watch your plants grow! A garden of flowers will make your yard look a little more spring ready, and home-grown veggies taste good enough to make you want to plant a garden again next spring.

Go to a drive-in movie

Seeing a drive-in movie is something that everyone should do at least once. It has that old-timey feeling that’ll enhance the experience of a classic film, and it’s a cheaper alternative to seeing new movies in a theater. It’s also the quintessential romantic date, making it a must-do date night idea.

Outdoor movie night

Drive-in theaters are increasingly hard to find, so what can you do if there’s no options near you? Our best spring date solution is the outdoor movie night,

There are so many ways to make this fun and to be creative. It’s actually surprisingly easy with a projector like this one and an outdoor screen. Or, in a pinch, you can use a plain bedsheet. The hardest choice will be what movies you’re going to watch! 

Which of these spring things are you going to try first?

Don’t ever have a boring date night again! We’ve got (literally) hundreds of date ideas for you right here: