25 Super Romantic Date Ideas for You and Your S.O.

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In any relationship, it is essential to keep the romance alive. This isn’t always so easy, as the busy stuff of life gets in the way. Luckily, there are so many romantic date ideas you can plan together that can help you to stay close and connected—and have a great time.

We’ve got a big list of date ideas for couples, but we wanted to bring you a list that is exclusively romantic. And that doesn’t require a passport or a bucket list to complete. That’s what this list of romantic couple activities is all about. 

These 25 romantic activities for two are ideal for kicking the romance up a notch and prioritizing your relationship. 

Explore the most romantic places and things to do in your town.

This is a great excuse for a romantic staycation. After you’ve explored a bit, check into a romantic local hotel for a weekend of togetherness. (We have romantic things to do posts for dozens of cities. Search the site!)

Enjoy a spa day: a couples massage is a must.

Getting totally blissed out side-by-side is a wonderful way to bond. Plan to go home afterward and relax in bed. 

Go for a drive.

There’s something really romantic about a leisurely drive together. Destination unimportant.

Stay up and talk for hours – the simplest of romantic date ideas.

Need some inspiration? These conversation starters will give you hours of material to chat about.

Have a picnic.

What says romance better than wine, brie, sunshine, and your sweetheart. You don’t even need good weather for this sweet romantic thing to do. You can totally have an indoor picnic. 

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Have a wine tasting and dance party in your kitchen. 

Those wines won’t taste themselves! Grab a bunch of varietals, pop on a romantic playlist, and have a terrific stay-at-home date night.

Order a date-night subscription box. 

Does your normal date night routine feel a bit stale? There are dozens of subscription boxes out there that are designed just for couples. They have creative ideas that will help you connect. Our recommendation? Check out Cratejoy

Visit the local botanical gardens.

A walk outdoors is an essential addition to the list of fun romantic things to do with your significant other. Chances are, there’s a botanical garden or nature preserve in your area. Find a trail or set of trails and set out for a leisurely walk. This is especially perfect for spring date ideas.

Write one another love letters.

This might be a challenging one, but it’s worth it. Spend some time writing your partner a letter describing your love from them. This will definitely bring the two of you closer together.

Watch your wedding video. 

If you’re married, sit down with your spouse and rewatch the video of your wedding (or go through photos). This is a lovely way to reminisce and you’re likely to feel romantic remembering the high emotions of that wonderful day.

Go stargazing. 

Honestly, I don’t know a better romantic activity for couples than going stargazing. Grab a blanket and the essentials and find a perfect secluded spot. 

Create a list of relationship goals. 

Dream together. This will definitely connect the two of you. Sit down and make lists of all the relationship goals the two of you hope to accomplish in your relationship. 

Young loving couple outdoors sitting on grass, hugging and looking away, future and relationships concept

Grab a book, head to the nearest coffee shop, and sit side-by-side.

One of our favorite romantic ideas for couples is a coffee shop date. You can certainly go and have a conversation together (super romantic) but even sitting next to one another with books and mugs is so cozy and sweet.

Take turns giving one another a back massage

If you can’t afford a couples massage (or even if you can) take the time to provide this for one another. Not only is massage sensual, it’s a great way to do something special for your love.

Make tonight all about him or her.

Speaking of doing something special, one of the most romantic things to do for your partner is to give them a night in the bedroom that’s “all theirs.” Basically, spend one evening completely meeting your partner’s needs. 

Go to a carnival. 

Bring out your teenage sides with a carnival date night. To spark the romance, ride the Ferris wheel together or win your partner a stuffed animal at one of the games.

Recreate your first date or another special occasion.

Go back in time and relive that magical first date. You can also choose another special occasion for this date idea. 

Attend the theatre.

Attending a live show and experiencing culture together is very classically romantic. 

Go out just for drinks.

When is the last time you and your partner went out just to grab drinks together? This is a fun way to feel like you’re back in that fun, flirty stage of your relationship. 

Try a spot of roleplaying.

A fun and sexy idea for things to do with your husband is to try out some roleplaying! This is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. Or you can even extend it outside the house, such as meeting one another as “strangers” in a nearby bar.

Play strip poker. Or strip Monopoly; the game’s not important.

This one speaks for itself. 

Sign up for a dance class

Taking a dance class is certainly one of the best ideas for a romantic date and for good reason. Dancing is all about being close, being attuned with one another’s bodies, and working as team. So go find that salsa class, couple!

Go camping.

Unless you hate the outdoors and despise it, camping can actually be a great romantic activity! If you’ve never given camping a go, consider checking out our guide to camping for couples. It can also help you get equipped with the best gear.

Spot a sunset.

You don’t need to be on a tropical beach to enjoy a magical, romantic sunset. The sun goes down everywhere every day! 

Play in the rain.

There’s a reason that romantic movies so often show couples kissing in the rain. It’s DAMN sexy!

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