10 Rules for a Happy Marriage: How to Make Your Relationship Last

A couple cuddles in bed in their pajamas.

What’s the secret to a great marriage? Ask husbands, wives, and relationship experts, and you’ll likely get many different answers. The truth is, there may not be ONE thing you can do to create your best marriage, but rather, there are many parts that go into building a loving partnership. These 10 rules for a …

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5 Boundaries in Marriage That Will Actually Make Your Relationship Stronger

A couple holds onto each other while laying in an indoor hammock while smiling at each other.

Should you have boundaries in marriage?  100% yes. All relationships demand boundaries for optimal success and health.  While the word boundaries can sound a bit intimidating, they actually serve a major purpose in a marriage or relationship. Indeed, boundaries should be present in all of our interpersonal relationships, not just our romantic ones.  And as …

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The Best Things About Being Married, According to Couples

A couple is happy while lying on the couch. The man plays a ukulele.

What are the best things about being married?  It’s likely no secret that we love marriage. After all, we’re spending our lives writing about it!  But I know we’re not the only ones.  I decided to ask some of our friends what they considered the best parts of marriage. Below, you’ll find their responses. These …

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How to Be a Better Husband: 9 Ways to Rock at Marriage

A man and woman embrace one another in a field.

Marriage is amazing, but it is also complicated and mysterious. Before I met Amy, I saw many of my friends’ parents get divorced or seem deeply unhappy in their marriages. This made getting married look like a fool’s errand–if these capable adults couldn’t make it work, what made me think that I could? My marriage …

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50 Inspirational Marriage Quotes To Remind You of the Power of Love

A couple is seen kissing through the window of a car.

There is nothing like a beautiful quote to inspire and delight. As a lover of words, quotes are so meaningful to me. In particular, I adore romance and marriage quotes. The best quotes are those which perfectly encapsulate the wonder of marriage, without ignoring the challenges and struggles it can also bring. This collection of …

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6 Marriage Mistakes You Might Be Making

A couple is fighting. The man is blurred in the background while the woman has her arms crossed.

No matter what, remember this: there are no perfect marriages. We’re all going to make mistakes in our marriages and in our relationships because we’re human and love is messy. But this article isn’t about having the perfect marriage. Instead, it’s about avoiding those marriage mistakes that can easily lead to deeper problems in a …

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15+ Best Marriage Books for Couples to Read Together (2020)

Couple sits on a couch together while reading on an ipad.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written about relationships and marriage. But not all of them are worth your time. Which ones are? If you’re looking to find the best marriage books for couples out there, we’ve made it easy for you, combining 15 excellent reads into one ultimate list. What makes a …

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10 Best Marriage Podcasts for Couples to Listen to in 2020

A man picks up a woman in front of the ocean.

In this post we feature the best relationship podcasts and best marriage podcasts out there for couples.  I’ve been behind the times. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve started listening to podcasts, but let me tell you. I’M HOOKED. There are so many incredible podcasts out there covering every topic under …

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