105 Cute Ways to Say I Love You

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We all just want to feel safe and loved in our relationships, and finding cute ways to say I love you is the perfect way to show your partner how much they are loved. Whether you’re looking for cute ways to say I love you, spicy ways to say I love you, or even nonverbal ways to say I love you, you’ll find it here.

There are so many great ways to show your love and affection! Use these cute ways to say I love you in text messages, handwritten notes, or in person. Love is meant to be shared!

Cute Ways to Say I Love You

A couple smiles and hugs outdoors.

1. I am head over heels for you and I don’t mind one little bit! 

2. I fell so hard for you, I don’t even mind the bruises!

3. You are the man/woman of my dreams and I hope I never wake up.

4. The sweetest part of my day is the one you’re a part of.

5. My heart feels so safe with you.

6. Seeing your name when you text me makes me smile.

7. You are the sweetest person I know, and I know a lot of people!

8. For the man/woman who stole my heart… you can keep it, I like it there.

9. Every morning I wake up thinking of you and it’s the perfect start to my day!

10. I’m so glad you and me happened because I can’t imagine doing life without you.

11. I’m just grateful to be yours, babe.

12. Every day with you is a good day!

13. I love you because you are you, and that is like magic to me.

14. I love that you make me laugh so much. Thank you.

15. Your presence in my life has made each day better than the last. Thank you <3

16. Here’s to all the relationships that didn’t work out so we could find our way to each other!

17. You are a part of my heart now and I’m absolutely thrilled about that.

18. Imagining a life without you now is like trying to finish a puzzle but you’re missing that last piece.

19. My future became brighter the moment we got together.

20. Hope that you don’t get in trouble… for stealing my heart!!!

21. You make me feel seen.

22. I have so much hope for the future now, and I know that’s because of you.

23. You make me so deliriously happy I feel a little nutty; from one nut to another, I love you!

24. I’m just a girl/guy hoping I can make my girl/guy even half as happy as she/he makes me!

25. I know we’re not perfect, but our brand of love is perfectly imperfect.

26. Being with you is all I need right now.

27. I love the way you look at me.

28. I know we’ve got a lot to look forward to, but this moment in time together is something I never want to forget.

29. You make me forget all the tough times that came before; thank you.

30. I hope you feel as safe with me as I do with you.

31. I love that we can be ourselves together. 

32. When I’m with you, I feel like we are safe from the world.

33. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy/girl.

34. I love that you are so passionate about <insert thing here,> it’s beautiful watching you light up as you talk about it.

35. Happily ever after is how I feel right now with you.

36. I hope we never lose this feeling right here.

37. When we are together, everything else melts away.

38. I love how well we work together; you’re the yin to my yang.

39. You are my heart now.

40. You make me feel like a million bucks!

41. If I have you with me, I think I can do anything.

42. I want to be there for you the way you always are for me.

43. I know opposites attract, but this seems almost too good to be true sometimes!

44. You’ve been making my heart skip a beat since (date you got together).

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Spicy Ways to Say I Love You

A man holds a woman from behind while they both laugh.

45. Laying in bed tangled up with you is one of my very favorite pastimes.

46. Your touch is electric.

47. I am yours and you are mine.

48. I love when you look at me with those hungry eyes.

49. You make my entire body tingle just thinking of you.

50. Your touch makes me feel whole.

51. I love the way you kiss me and set my soul on fire.

52. You and me together like this just feels right.

53. You fill my head with such naughty thoughts!

54. One touch from you and my entire body is on fire.

55. I burn for you.

56. I hope you never stop touching me the way you do right now.

57. Together like this, the rest of the world just melts away.

58. I’ve been drawn to you since the first moment I saw you, like a moth to a flame.

59. I want you.

60. I love the way you smell like everything a man/woman should.

61. I want you right now… all of you.

62. I just want to please you.

63. Your kisses are electric.

64. I about lose my mind when you touch me, and I love it.

65. I feel drunk on your touch.

66. Your breath on me like this is intoxicating.

67. I love the way you taste.

68. I want to make you feel good.

69. I love the way you touch me.

70. Your touch makes me lose my mind and find it again.

71. You’re like an obsession that I just don’t want to let go of.

72. My heart, lips, and body miss you so much when we’re apart.

73. I crave you.

74. I can’t get enough of you, ever.

75. Even when we’re together, I somehow still want more.

76. I love how you consume me.

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Nonverbal Ways to Say I Love You

A couple toasts at a beach while the sun sets behind them.

77. Send flowers.

78. Read a couple’s communication book together.

79. Bring surprise coffee to them.

80. Let your hand linger on their back after you hug/kiss.

81. Show up after they get off work with a surprise gift date they’ll love.

82. Go out dancing.

83. Create your own new relationship ritual together.

84. Bake them something sweet.

85. Make a scrapbook (digital or tangible!) of your favorite shared memories.

85. Take your sweetheart stargazing.

86. Make a romantic dinner for two.

87. Give them a massage.

88. Venmo or cashapp $20 to them randomly with a memo to “treat yo’ self!”

89. Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you.

90. Have a sweet and sexy night in together.

91. Take care of something that was stressing them out (pay a bill/do a chore, etc)

92. Plan a fun hike.

93. Kiss their forehead.

94. Watch a romantic movie together.

95. Go on a cute car date!

96. Hold hands.

97. Plan a romantic picnic date.

98. Have a fun games night!

99. Take them to a movie or concert they have wanted to go to.

100. Give them a Reasons Why I Love You List.

101. Watch the sunset together.

102. Write in a couple’s journal together.

103. Listen to a Ted Talk about relationships together.

104. Sign up for a date night subscription box!

105. Make a playlist of romantic songs.

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There are so many cute ways to say I love you, but consider what your partner’s love language is: do they feel your love most when you express it verbally, physically, through acts of service, gifts, or by spending time together? Personalize the way you express your love to your sweetheart and watch as the sparks fly!

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