78 Good Morning Messages for Him: Flirty Texts Your Man will LOVE

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Was he the star of your dreams last night? Let him know by texting good morning messages for him that will get his day started off right! 

Whether you’re looking for good morning text ideas for your boyfriend or your husband, your man will love knowing he is on your mind, and sending fun and flirty good morning messages for him is a great way to ensure you’ll be on his mind aaaaaall day; plus, who doesn’t love a flirty good morning text?

Show your man some love and affection with these flirty good morning messages for him!

Fun Good Morning Messages for Your Boyfriend

Man laying in bed smiling as he reads on his phone.

1. Good morning to the sweetest man I know!

2. Hope you had a great night’s sleep, you’re going to need it for what I have planned for us later!

3. You were def on my mind last night because I dreamt of you all night long. Still not as good as the real deal; good morning, I’ll see you later!

4. Good morning, hope your coffee is as hot as you are… Actually, maybe just a little less, don’t want you to burn yourself 😉

5. Good morning to the man of my dreams… literally, you were the star of my dreams last night, I’ll tell you all about it later!

6. Good morning! It’s definitely a good one for me because I’m pretty excited for our date tonight!

7. Good morning, here’s hoping you and your cute butt have a fantastic day!

8. Good morning, cutie. Woke up with a smile just thinking of you.

9. Good morning! Hope you have a day as awesome as you are!

10. I love waking up knowing you’re my boyfriend. It’s a very good morning for me here, how about you?

11. Good morning, I hope you woke up feeling as happy about yesterday as I did! 

12. Good morning, babe. I’m hoping my morning coffee will taste as strong and sweet as you are!

13. Good mornings are always good for me when I know I’ll see you later.

14. Good morning to the coolest guy ever… hope you’re off to a great start today!

15. I’m thinking of you already, it’s going to be a long day until I finally get to see you tonight! 

16. I wake up and you are the first thought on my mind. I’m okay with this! Good morning <3

17. Good morning to the person who makes me smile every single day!

18. I hope you’re having a good morning over there XOXOXO

19. It’s always a good morning for me when I have seeing you later to look forward to.

20. Good morning, I’ll be thinking of you today!

21. Good morning to the cutest guy ever, can’t wait to hang later <3

22. You were in my dreams last night and it was great… I didn’t even have to miss you in my sleep!

23. I hope your morning coffee tastes as strong and sweet as you are…

24. Good morning handsome, you were the first thing on my mind this morning and I don’t mind that at all!

25. Good morning to the sweetest guy I’ve ever known… hope you had sweet dreams last night!

26. Good morning Mister, hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready for our date tonight!

27. Good morning to my sweet and sexy and always wonderful boyfriend!

28. Good mornings are all I’ve had since we started dating and I just want to tell you how happy I am with you. I’m hoping I am returning the favor!

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Hot and Heavy Good Morning Texts

A man laying in bed smiling as he reads something on his phone.

29. Good morning, babe! Hope your coffee tastes as magical as you did last night…

30. Good morning… wait until I tell you what you were doing to me in my dreams last night!

31. It is absolutely a GREAT morning for me! You’ll never believe what we did in my dreams last night!

32. Good morning, babe… ooooooh I cannot wait until I get my hands on you tonight!!!

33. I literally woke up this morning craving you. No joke. I’m going to devour you tonight…

34. Good morning and I hope your dreams were as… umm… exciting as mine were LOL!

35. I’m going to have to work up the courage to tell you the kind of wild stuff we were doing in my dreams last night! Good morning, indeed.

36. Good mornings are a given for me after I have the kinds of spicy dreams I had about you last night! Super hot, babe! 

37. Good morning to the hottest guy I know… can’t wait to be with you later.

38. Good morning! Would be an even better morning if you were here so I could show you a little of what we were doing in my dreams last night…

39. I think I blushed just seeing your name in my phone… I’ll fill you in on the naughty shenanigans we were up to in my dreams last night when I see you later. Whew! HOT.

40. Good morning! For your eyes only… (wait a minute before sending a sleepy, still in bed pic for him, wishing him a good day. He’ll love the sexy tease to start his day!)

41. Okay, I know I slept well because I dreamed some very X rated dreams about you, but I woke up with my heart racing with excitement! Cannot wait to see you tonight!

42. Good morning, I’d like to live out my dreams with you… my very naughty dreams from last night!

43. Good morning to the man so hot, my sleeping brain has me dreaming all kinds of hot and heavy dreams of you!

44. I woke up this morning immediately thinking of last night… it’s a very good morning for me here with my memories, hope you’re having a good one, too!

45. Good morning to the man who kept me up waaaaay too late last night… and I can’t wait to do it all again tonight 😉

46. Good morning… you should be feeling really proud of your performance last night… I’m still reeling over here <3

47. Good morning to the man who makes me tremble with anticipation of his touch… come over soon and do that some more, k?

48. Good morning, hottie. Hoping for a repeat of last night soon!

49. Good morning to the man who makes me really excited to be bad with him…

50. Good morning? After last night, this is a GREAT morning and I’m down for a repeat!

51. Good morning to the man who had me all hot and bothered last night… and will hopefully do it again tonight 😉

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Sweet Good Morning Texts for Your Husband

Man smiling in his office while scrolling on his phone.

52. Good morning to the man who has been my #1 since <the year you got together>

53. Good morning to the hottest husband around!

54. Good morning, husband of mine. Hope you had a good night’s sleep!

55. Hope you’re having a great day, hon, good morning!

56. Even after all these years, you’re still the man of my dreams! Good morning, babe.

57. Good morning to the man who puts all the other husbands to shame!

58. I am so lucky to wake up to a husband like you and don’t I know it! 

59. Good morning, I hope you have a day just like you… absolutely freakin wonderful! 

60. Good morning to the best husband a person could ask for!

61. It’s always a good morning for me when I wake up and I’m still yours and you’re still mine <3

62. Good morning to the man who’s still got it going on, even after all these years!

63. Good morning, my love. I had a naughty dream about you last night! Can’t wait to tell you tonight 😉

64. Good morning, hon, I’m thinking of you today!

65. I woke up thinking I’m lucky that I’ve got a man who ages like fine wine… Yummy!]

66. Good morning to the man who continues to drive me wild in all the best ways!

67. Good morning to my favorite guy, I hope your morning is going well so far.

68. Good morning! I love you, my big, strong, sexy guy <3

69. I’m a lucky woman to get sleep next to you each night. Hope you’re having a good morning, babe.

70. Good morning, my love! You wore me out in all the best ways last night… thank you 😉

71. Good morning to the sweetest husband ever! I’ve got plans for us later, k?

72. Good morning, sweet husband of mine! Let me take you out later? I wanna show off my hunky husband a bit.

73. Good morning to the man who has made sure every morning is a good one since the day we got married!

74. Making me wake up with a smile on my face since <insert date you got together>, thank you, husband of mine!

75. Good morning to the coolest husband ever! Trust me, I am an expert as I actually have the coolest husband ever, so….

76. Good morning to the man I somehow love more and more each and every day.

77. It’s always a good morning when I wake up next to you… hope you’re having a great day!

78. Good morning, my love! Hope your coffee is as lovely as you make me feel every single day <3

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 Sending sweet texts to your man is always fun, and while sending cute goodnight texts means he will drift off to sleep thinking of you, sending fun and flirty good morning messages to him means you’ll be on his mind all day long!

Texting throughout the day is a great way to stay connected even when you’re not together. Remind your man he’s always on your mind by sending a cute good morning text his way as you head your separate ways!


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