3 Days in Rome – A Perfect Itinerary for First-Timers

A bridge over a body of water with a giant church in the background as the sun goes down.

In this guest post, Andrea of One Savvy Wanderer shares an awesome itinerary for 3 days in Rome, Italy. Between the long list of must-see spots like the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon and the amazing food and wine, there’s a ton to do (and eat and drink!) in Rome.   Fortunately for those on …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Brasov, Romania

Cars parked along a street lined with colorful shops in winter.

Wherever we go, you can be sure we’ll be found drinking plenty of coffee (or sometimes hot chocolate, in Nathan’s case.) in Romania, coffee is known as cafea, and it is delicious. During the 2+ months we spent in Brasov, Romania, we were abel to delve deeply into the land of espresso. Because we work online, …

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Why Travel Romania: An (Almost) Undiscovered Destination

Where are you again?  My own mother keeps forgetting the exact country, but when I remind her we’re in the region of Transylvania, that rings a bell. It seems that to a lot of people, to travel to Romania is to go seriously off-the-beaten-path destination. I think that must be the case, and although I …

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How to Create a Romantic Wales Road Trip

A white van is parked on the side of the road. Mountains and a lake are seen in the background.

We like romance. And we like adventure. The perfect combination of these two is what dictates our travels, and we seek them in every experience, even the everyday ones. While spending a few months in the UK in autumn 2016, we knew we wanted to explore some of the areas we hadn’t seen before. We’ve …

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7 Things NOT To Do in Prague

Close up of a church under a blue sky.

It has been nearly 4 years since I visited Prague, Czech Republic. I was on my very first international trip, backpacking through Europe with my best friend Ryan. Although I don’t remember all of the good things about Prague, I must say that certain negative aspects definitely stand out. Don’t get me wrong. Prague is beautiful, …

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10 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin

A river leads through a city under a blue sky.

This piece on romantic things to do in Berlin is a guest post by Sarah of Travel Breathe Repeat. Berlin is the city in which we fell in love with travel, and even more in love with each other! So while on the surface Berlin may not seem like the most romantic destination (it’s huge …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Bath, UK

View from above of two cups of coffee.
This is a guest post from Penelope of The Flyaway Girl 

I consider myself to have a pretty intimate knowledge of the best coffee shops in Bath, UK. Why? Because I have lived there (on and off) since 2013 and have a minor major obsession with coffee. (It’s pretty clear the Two Drifters love coffee, too!) So here is my round-up of my favourite coffee shops in the city!

TL;DR If you’re in need of a Bath coffee fix NOWWWW, scroll to the bottom for a mini round-up of the best coffee shops in Bath

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Find Fairytale Magic on a Czech Republic Honeymoon

A couple in wedding clothing next to the water. A city skyline is in the back.

This post was written in partnership with Czech Tourism. Undoubtedly, Europe is possibly the most romantic content of them all. Dripping in rich history, opulent architecture, mysterious cities, and dramatic scenery, Europe is the perfect place for a romantic trip for two. If you’re planning a couples getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary trip, however, we suggest …

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Romantic Things to Do in Marbella

View from above of people relaxing on the beach by the water.

This post has been written in partnership with My Guide Marbella. We’re always on the lookout for new romantic spots for our future travels. One Spanish town in particular is on our wish list: we want to plan a romantic getaway to Marbella. Located on the southern coast of the country, between Gibraltar and Malaga, …

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Scotland’s Most Romantic Highland Hotel

View of a fishing town by the water. A street with cars driving is lined by brick buildings. In the distance, mountains have the sun setting over them.

I know of the most romantic highland hotel Scotland has tucked away in its hills. Picture a cozy inn in the Scottish countryside. A fire blazes in front of you, keeping your feet warm and toasty. You are curled up on an oversized couch, snuggled up next to your darling, an inviting book open on your …

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