Here are 8 Obvious Signs He’s Husband Material

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Are you looking for signs he’s husband material? Is your boyfriend a potential spouse? If you’re reading this article, chances are good that you think he is!

Choosing a life partner to join you in marriage is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, so it is vital that you pick the best person to share your life with. Here are 8 simple signs that the man you’re dating just might be the right one to walk down the aisle with. 

Of course, there are many things to consider when determining whether or not you’ve met the right partner. While we don’t necessarily believe in soulmates, we think that love is a conscious choice and a decision you make each and every day. By picking the right match you’ll find that the work of the relationship is much easier and more enjoyable. How do you pick that right match? Time, patience, knowing what you want, and maybe a few of these key ingredients as well:

8 Signs He’s Husband Material

He prioritizes your relationship

Your partner in life should be someone for whom your relationship means everything. Marriage is hard; there’s no sugarcoating it. While it can be absolutely incredible and will be responsible for some of the greatest blessings of your life, marriage also demands effort and sometimes it is not fun or easy. Find yourself a man who knows this and is willing to fight to keep his marriage at the center of everything in his life. (Commitment and priority are one of our top pieces of relationship advice for couples).

He cares about your family

One of the best qualities of a good husband (or potential husband) is how he treats his own family as well as your own. They always say that you can see how a man will treat you based on how he treats his own mother, but I think that his approach toward your side of the family may be just as important.

Does he care about them as people? Does he make an effort, even if he doesn’t get along easily with your family members? Does he try to love them simply because you do? These are good signs he’ll make a good husband. Let’s face it, families are not easy. If your boyfriend shows that he is making real effort with your family, this is a sign of a keeper. 

Plus, this can show you what life will be like. You can certainly marry someone who doesn’t get along with your family, but these relationships are a major part of your life. If there is harmony (or at least an attempt at harmony) this is going to make for a much smoother ride in the future. 

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He takes care of you when you’re sick

One of the signs he’s husband material (as well as one of the signs he wants to marry you) is his ability to care for you in sickness and in health (literally). Does your man bolt at the first signs of a cold? That’s not great. 

But if he is there for you when you need physical or emotional support, such as when you’re down with the flu, this is essential. You want a partner who will be there for you throughout the years, and who can handle the selflessness required of caring for another. After all, you’re planning to grow old together. 

You trust him absolutely

Your husband will be your partner in love, life, and family. If you trust him without reservation, this is a fantastic sign that he is marriage material. Not only does this indicate that you can trust him to be honest and forthright, it lets you know that he will honor his marriage commitments. In a world with a frighteningly high divorce rate, this is an important quality to look for in a spouse.

He is dependable

Trust and dependability are similar concepts, but when it comes to choosing a husband, many women are looking for a man that they can depend on. This could mean financially or physically, but it also means spiritually and emotionally. 

Is your partner someone who you know will be there for you in good times and bad? This is hard work. It sometimes involves placing the other person’s happiness and wellbeing above any of our momentary, fleeting feelings. It may even require us to act lovingly when we don’t feel at the moment that our own needs are being met. But a dependable partner will be someone you can rely on to do this (or to be constantly working towards it). 

He makes you feel special and adored

What woman doesn’t want to feel treasured? The best husband for you is one who will give you this love, respect, and adoration. Does this mean your husband is responsible for your feelings and self-confidence? Definitely not. The truth is, we’re all responsible for our selves: our actions, our self-worth, our emotions.

But you deserve to feel validated and cherished. There are many ways your husband can do this for you, including learning to speak your love language even if his is different. (This five love languages summary will help).

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He shares your values

No matter what kind of person you’re dating, if you don’t share similar values for your lives, you’re going to struggle in your marriage. Finding a man who possesses strong values and ideals for his life is key to finding success and if the two of you align in this way, you’ve truly got the basis for a happy marriage.

Another of the signs he’s husband material is if he is very clear and intentional about sharing his values with you. He knows that this is an essential ingredient for a successful marriage, so if he’s marriage material, he’s gonna be showcasing that to you to his best abilities!

He’s a genuinely good person

Is he a man of integrity? Good looks fade and attraction may wane, but a genuinely good person is likely to be the one you want to be around for the long haul. There’s no substitute for a good heart.

When determining if a man might make a good potential husband, ask yourself if he is a good man. Does he do the right thing? Act in kindness? Is he a person you are proud to know and would be proud to be married to? This might tell you everything you need to know. 

Ultimately, if your man ticks all of the boxes, has proven himself to be a complementary match for you, and you have attraction, shared goals, and he’s a truly good human being, well then, you’ve got a marriage material man right there!

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