20+ Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Married Couples (2023)

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Do you struggle with finding good Christmas gifts for married couples? In some ways, you’d think the shopping process would be easier; you’re combining two gifts into one! But it isn’t always so easy. We’re here to help.

As a married couple ourselves—and a couple that absolutely LOVES gifts—we’ve put together a list of married gift ideas that could be excellent for any couple on your list. These should appeal to both members of the duo and be useful, fun, or beautiful. So look no further, we’re chock full of Christmas gift ideas for married couples. Let’s start shopping!

Christmas Gifts for Married Couples

An electric kettle

Okay, this isn’t maybe the most *exciting* of gifts, but have you ever tried an electrical kettle? If you know someone who likes to drink copious amounts of tea (or who just would appreciate it if their water boiled faster) an electric kettle is a terrific gift. We grew to love the electric kettle when we spent time in the UK, where they are extremely popular. Here in the states, it seems a lot of people are still making tea on the stovetop. Well, an electric kettle is lightning fast and super convenient. We are obsessed with ours. (Pssst: this is the exact one we have and it works like a charm). I’m almost certain one of the married couples you know would love an electric kettle. And Amazon has some really cute ones:

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A beautiful holiday wreath

A stunning holiday wreath is a great present for married couples because it is a high-quality gift that will make their home extra festive. This L.L. Bean Lighted Tartan Christmas Fir Wreath is so classic and Christmassy. Amazon has some pretty wreath options as well.


An at-home cappuccino maker

Here’s one that comes with an attached milk frother, so making lattes and cappuccinos at home has never been easier. We have this one and it’s basic and gets the job done. To take things to the next level, coffee-wise, consider gifting this awesome espresso machine: Breville Barista Express. It’s super nice. A classic espresso maker is also a wonderful choice, and it’s often something that people love to receive as a gift, but would never think to purchase for themselves!


A cozy camping tent for two

We always recommend tents as a great gift for couples; at least for those couples who will actually use it! This is a gift that will give adventurous couples endless years of use. For your camp-loving duo, we recommend a 2 or 3-person tent. A few good options? The Cotopaxi Inti 2 is the tent we use, and it is awesome; extremely sturdy and warm. Also check out the Coleman Sundome and the MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent. *If you’re getting a double tent for the lucky couple, you might also want to consider a cozy double sleeping bag, like this one from REI that will keep a duo cuddly and cozy even at 15 degrees! (Just perfect for some Christmas camping!) 


Soft, festive blankets

When it comes to Christmas gifts for a married couple, you can’t go wrong with cozy, snuggly items. Warm and colorful blankets are a gift that nearly everyone appreciates. And at Christmas time, there are endless, adorable options.

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Picture frames to hold favorite memories

One of the simplest gifts for married couples is a set of picture frames. There are so many varieties and styles, and today’s frames can be ornate and special, not just something run-of-the-mill. Picture frames are especially perfect for newlyweds, who are likely setting up house and need plenty of frames to display their newly-printed wedding photos. Take a look at this sweet Family Tree Wall Hanging for just one great picture frame idea.

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Personalized custom recipe box

This is one of those beautiful gifts for married couples with the promise of building memories for years to come! A personalized custom recipe box can be perfectly created for the recipients, and you can include a few of your own favorite recipes to help get them started!


Lavender massage oil with massage roller ball

This is another one of those great gifts for married couples that gives them great ways to spend quality time together. Doesn’t lavender massage oil with a massage roller ball sound heavenly? Just one of many perks of being married, you’ve always got a massage buddy to trade massage services with!


Unique personalized items

For some couples, personalized items might be too cheesy, but for others, it is absolutely the perfect gift. This could especially be the case for newlywed couples, who are oh-so-psyched about their new status as Mr. & Mrs. Uncommongoods has so many terrific ideas for personalized things for couples. Among the gift possibilities include personalized cutting boards, a serving tray with a map of somewhere they love, and mugs adorned with their names. Amazon has personalized items as well, including this cute photo of street signs bearing the names of your choice.


Cute couples coffee mug set

There are so many great options for cute couples gift sets, but these cute married couples coffee mugs are absolutely darling!


Personalized Spotify code music blanket

This is one of the coolest married couples gifts! Not only are blankets a great cozy gift for couples of all kinds, but this personalized Spotify code music blanket allows you to gift them a blanket with a Spotify code to their wedding song that they can scan to hear the actual song! How cool is that?


A growler for the craft beer lovers

This gorgeous copper growler from uKeg keeps draft beer fresh for up to 2 weeks. If your couple brews their own beer or just likes to sample the local craft selections, this is a fabulous gift. Other possibilities for beer fans: A refrigerated case to hold a bunch of cold beers (and wine!) at the ready, or a home brewing starter kit.


An electric s’mores maker

Who doesn’t love s’mores? This electric s’mores maker can be a great idea for their next stay at home date night or a great weekend camping trip.


An advent wreath

Looking for gifts for a Christian couple? Here’s something that is special and meaningful: an advent wreath. Your couple can light one of the four candles for each Sunday of Advent. This gift provides something that a couple or a family can do together during the Christmas season. There are so many choices for gorgeous wreaths, but we find the Silver Ribbon Advent Wreath especially beautiful.

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Give the gift of wine

These days, you can get a subscription to practically anything, which makes gift-giving a whole lot easier. With a service like Bright Cellars, you can gift your couple a specific amount of wine, for a few months up to a year, and they get to go online, fill out their “flavor profile,” and get wines they’ll love delivered right to their door.

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Couples games

Our Moments Couples is a game that is filled with fun, unique conversation starters for couples. The questions are thought-provoking, sparking new discussions you may not have had before, so couples can learn more about one another. This is a great Christmas gift idea for newlyweds or for couples who have been together a long time. They can use it for date night, or even on a long road trip.


Personalized pillowcases

Looking for Christmas gifts for a young married couple? Personalized husband and wife pillowcases might be the ideal present. Amazon has so many options, ones that say Mr. & Mrs.,  Morning Gorgeous & Hello Handsome, and a whole lot more.


Hand casting kit for couples

Have you seen these? Hand casting kits are one of the most adorable married couple’s gifts you can buy! Let your married friends make their own personalized decor piece that they can admire for years to come. It’s a great conversation piece, too!

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A lovely cheese board for entertaining

Nothing says classy and “adulting” like wine and cheese. This cheese board offers everything a couple will need for a night of most excellent hosting. Pair the board with a bottle of wine and some fresh cheese and you’ve got a straight-up awesome couples gift idea.


A date night subscription box for couples

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Who wouldn’t love something cool (and romantic) arriving to their door every month? You can gift your favorite couple a few months of dates delivered right to their home. Check out our post featuring the best date night subscription boxes for couples.

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A beautiful couples travel book for inspiration

Do you know a couple that loves to travel together? This book by our friends at HoneyTrek is the perfect inspiration for a jet-setting duo. Ultimate Journeys for Two provides so many unique and romantic destination ideas, and covers every continent. This book is a best-seller in the Honeymoon Travel Guides category, so it is doubly perfect if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for an engaged couple. Help them plan their honeymoon and make it amazing with this resource. PS: If you want to get even more specific, check out our other unique gift ideas: Gifts for Minimalists and Travelers 50+ Fantastic Gifts for Couples Who Love to Travel 20+ Stocking Stuffers for Husbands + Boyfriends 18 Leather Gifts (Traditional 3rd Anniversary) The Best Travel Backpacks for 2019 Camping for Couples – Gifts for the Outdoorsy Couple Gifts for Hikers 30 Great Camping Gifts Gifts for Ladies Who Love Travel  Wedding Gifts for Travel Couples


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