10 of the Most Adorable Cat Cafes in the US & Canada

A blue mug features latte art showing a cat.

Looking to adopt a little friend? Or perhaps you just want to cuddle a kitty for a few hours. Well never fear, a cat cafe is an ideal solution for a cat lover like you. And there so many fantastic cat cafes in the US and cat cafes in Canada—all of which are full of …

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6 Best Coffee Shops in Asheville NC: Local Spots You Can’t Miss

Three cups of coffee with latte art next to a phone.

Heading to this area in the near future? Here are our picks for the best coffee shops in Asheville, considered through our special criteria. We lived in Asheville, North Carolina for two lovely years. As travel bloggers and digital nomads who work online, Nathan and I spend a LOT of time at coffee shops. In …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Cincinnati, Ohio

Close up of a coffee with cinnamon on top.

Cincinnati is a hot spot for small coffee shops and locally sourced beans. I’ve lived in Cincinnati all my life, but only became a coffee drinker about 5 years ago. Since then, coffee has become a bit of an obsession (including a short stint as a barista), and I love scouring the city for the …

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16 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in the USA & Canada

A young couple sitting at a table in a coffee shop while drinking coffee, with a croissant on a table in front of them.

Coffee is amazing. Coffee is life. What more is there to say? Sixteen other coffee lovers shared their favorite spots to grab a cup in the USA and Canada. Is your fave on the list? These are some of the best coffee shops in the USA. Who’s ready for a latte? August First – Burlington, …

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Best Coffee Shops in Columbus, Ohio

A person holds a white mug with coffee. A croissant sits on a plate.

*This piece on the best coffee shops in Columbus is a guest post from Heather of Ohio Girl Travels  As Ohio’s capital city, Columbus welcomes visitors and locals alike to experience the thriving heart of Ohio! I often think of Columbus as the hidden gem of the Midwest, with a great food and art scene …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Edinburgh (With WiFi)

A couple holds hands with blue cups of coffee on either side of them.

On the hunt for Edinburgh free WiFi? As much as you will want to put down your gadgets and explore this city, you may need to consult that World Wide Web every now and then. Well, we suggest finding free WiFi in a place where you can also enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. Edinburgh’s cafes …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Brasov, Romania

Cars parked along a street lined with colorful shops in winter.

Wherever we go, you can be sure we’ll be found drinking plenty of coffee (or sometimes hot chocolate, in Nathan’s case.) in Romania, coffee is known as cafea, and it is delicious. During the 2+ months we spent in Brasov, Romania, we were abel to delve deeply into the land of espresso. Because we work online, …

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The World’s Best Coffee Shops – As Told by Travelers

Mmmm. Coffee. Whether you go for lattes, cappuccinos, or a serious pour-over, if you’re a coffee lover, you probably swoon over an amazing coffee shop. Perhaps you even go out of your way to find the finest cup in town. For the true coffee addict, sometimes you have to jet across the globe to find …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Dublin

A person holds a giant cookie near the water.

This is guest post by Elizabeth of Everything Obsessed. Dublin’s fair city is definitely a must visit for anyone planning a trip to Ireland. The capital city is home to more than 1 million people (¼ of Ireland’s total population) and certainly has plenty of  coffee shops and restaurants for everyone! Whether you like to …

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A Few of the Best Coffee Shops in Boston

A store display counter shows pastries.

This is a guest post by Danielle of Boston Brunch Guide. Big cities like Boston have so much to offer. But if you’re in town only for a brief visit, and looking for amazing coffee, local Brunch enthusiast Danielle has the answer. Check out her favorites to find some of the best coffee shops in …

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