14 Really Romantic Things to Do in Aruba for Couples

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Aruba tops lists of wedding and honeymoon destinations and it’s easy to see why. Its white-sand beaches and water with the most beautiful shades of blue create the perfect romantic setting. Year-round sunny weather makes The One Happy Island’s location in the southern Caribbean an ideal destination. Like any good couples’ destination, Aruba has a long list of foolproof romantic things to do.

Here are the best romantic things to do in Aruba:


Escape the hurried pace of your everyday life by relaxing at the beach. Take time to just be in the moment with each other and reconnect. Feel the heat of the sun on your skins. Frolic in the blue Caribbean waters. Walk on the soft white sands, hand in hand. 

Most of the resorts along the world-famous Eagle and Palm Beaches offer their hotel guests comfortable beach amenities. Hotels provide lounge chairs and palapas. If you’re not a hotel guest, be mindful that the loungers are for resort guests only but Aruba beaches are public, so you should feel free to put out your towel wherever you please.

For a change of scenery from the beach at your resort, rent a vehicle and explore Aruba’s many beautiful beaches. With so many beaches to choose from you’ll have to make some difficult choices. Opt for popular beaches such as Baby Beach on the southern end of the island. Though more crowded, the waters are calm and shallow, making it popular with snorkelers. Or look for more secluded spots where you’re likely to be alone or sharing the beach with fewer people, such as California Beach on the northern end of the island. 


Aerial view of a blue ocean with people swimming surrounded by rocks.

Aruba’s geology creates unique spots to enjoy — one of those is the Natural Pool, “Conchi.” Located in the Arikok National Park, reaching the Natural Pool isn’t easy, but worth it. Surrounded by rock and volcanic stone, water from the Caribbean Sea fills this hole, or pool, in which you can swim or snorkel. 

Getting to the Natural Pool is half the fun. Among the rocks dotting the Caribbean coastline, accessing the Natural Pool can only be done through treacherous roads. You’ll need a four-wheeler, ATV, or your own feet to get there.

As one of the most popular things to do in Aruba, expect large crowds here, especially as tour buses start arriving midday. To enjoy the most romantic atmosphere (and time alone) in the Natural Pool, plan on arriving early or late in the day. Arrange a self-guided or private tour for the most intimate experience. 


People swim in a large pool of water surrounded by rock.

Avoid the crowds at the Natural Pool by asking a local guide to take you to the “new” natural pool near the Bushiribana Ruins. After a ride on a 4×4, Jeep, or ATV, a secluded smaller natural pool can be found near the remains of the historic mines. You’ll feel refreshed after the hot ride and because it isn’t as well-known, you’re much more likely to be alone. However, you’ll need a guide who knows where to take you (most of them do!).


Couples who enjoy the excitement of games of chance will find plenty of romantic opportunities in one of Aruba’s thirteen casinos. As you look around any casino, you’ll see lots of couples gambling together. Sharing a loving appreciation for each other’s talents and strategies, there is nothing sweeter than celebrating with your soulmate when you win. And, if lady luck happens not to be with you that night, being with a loving partner softens the blow.


With constant steady trade winds, Aruba offers splendid sailing conditions. While a catamaran cruise can be adventurous and exciting and romantic any time, it becomes even more dreamy when it is a sunset cruise. Imagine the sun reflecting off the water turning the world orange and red around you. Enjoy sipping on champagne, enjoying an intimate conversation with each other. The glittering lights onshore matching the glittering stars in the sky for a magical outing. A sunset cruise is an ideal romantic thing to do in Aruba.

Waves crash against the sand at sunset.


Almost every resort offers dining options on the beach. Picture yourselves enjoying a candlelit dinner on the white sand as the sun sets over the horizon. With most of the resorts set along the western coast of the island, it is easy to find opportunities to dine on the beach. Just remember to book ahead of time! 


The highest point on Aruba, the California Lighthouse is one of the most romantic places to visit. Climb to the top for some of the best views of the island. Try to time your visit with sunset if possible for an even more colorful experience. If the lighthouse is closed at sunset, the nearby restaurant, El Faro Blanco, provides a great alternative setting for a drink or dinner. Time your happy hour or dinner to coincide with sunset, of course.

A colorful sunset behind silhouetted palm trees.


This desert island is home to Arikok National Park. Occupying almost a fifth of the island’s eastern portion, the Arikok National Park seeks to preserve and educate visitors about the flora and fauna of the island. The park is home to the Natural Pool, caves, and beaches. For nature lovers, hiking Arikok National Park is quite a romantic adventure. 


Walk through the trees and enjoy having these beautiful insects land on you. Wear bright colors to attract them. Call in advance and arrange for a butterfly release to celebrate your special occasion. The farm can coordinate with your local resort for a special celebration release as well. 


Flamingos stand in the water.
Flamingos at a beach of the carribean island of Aruba

One of the most popular destinations on Aruba is Renaissance Island, famed for its Flamingo Beach. The island is an amenity for guests of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Daily guest passes are also available, though they can only be reserved the day before and tend to go quickly. After a short boat ride from the hotel, guests disembark onto Renaissance Island. The island offers several amenities, the most popular being Flamingo Beach, an adults only beach, home to a flamboyance of six flamingos. 

Flamingo Beach offers additional intimate opportunities. Reserve one of the cabanas for more privacy. Each Wednesday night, sunset dinners are held in this unique setting. Or take it to the next level and reserve the island for the ultimate Lovers’ Island dinner.


Aruba’s restaurants offer world-class dining. The island hosted a pop-up in 2019 featuring four Michelin-starred chefs. Intimate settings can be found in almost every good resort, though reservations should be planned ahead of time, especially if celebrating a special occasion. Foodies should enjoy a Chef’s Table dining experience at Carte Blanche Restaurant where 14 people sit at the bar watching Chef Dennis cooking the entire meal in front of them. 


In addition to regular concerts, the island hosts some of the best music festivals around the Caribbean. Music lovers can enjoy romantic moments at unique music festivals. The Aruba Summer Music Festival is one of the best Latin music festivals. The Soul Beach Music Festival and the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival attract throngs of music goers, attracting the best music acts in each category. 

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Shakespeare may as well have written these words about most couples! Whether we met at a concert, or have our special song, or enjoy going to concert together, Aruba’s music scene strengthens that amorous connection.


The sun sets over a beach with palm trees.
Art Beautiful sunrise over the tropical beach

Several resorts offer yoga sessions on the beach, including sunrise and sunset sessions. With the wind caressing you, you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy and connection with your partner. Even if you’re not a guest of the resort, you can usually purchase a pass for the class by simply calling and asking. 

For a truly romantic experience, book a private moonlight couples session. With the moonlight and the stars above you, and the sound of the waves crashing on the shores nearby, it is the perfect backdrop as you tune in to each other. You won’t regret it! 


Couples’ spa treatments have been one of the hallmarks of romantic activities for couples. That’s no exception in Aruba. Many hotels offer spa treatments. Some of the more romantic settings involve views on the beach, with the palm trees swaying and the gentle breezes blowing. Try the Spa del Sol at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa or the Spa at the Renaissance Island for the two most romantic experiences. 

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Aruba fits the bill. Whether you’re looking for a long weekend getaway or a longer escape, Aruba’s perfect climate and white sand beaches provide the idyllic setting for intimate memories. It isn’t surprising that so many couples choose Aruba to celebrate their weddings, honeymoons, or anniversaries given all the romantic things to do on the island. You should visit the One Happy Island too and make your own romantic memories!

A couple smiles with a view of the water behind them.

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