7 Couples Communication Books That Will Transform Your Marriage

couples communication books - couples standing and smiling together in kitchen

Communication is everything in a marriage or relationship. It is how we share our emotions, needs, desires, and fears with our partner, how we handle conflicts, and how we engage with them on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, communication is of supreme importance, and it’s something all couples need to work on through the life of …

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9 Therapist-Recommend Couples Communication Exercises

couples communication exercises - Young happy couple talking together outdoor - sitting on grass

Communicating in your relationship is not always easy, but learning the skills to communicate well is essential, particularly in the context of a romantic relationship or a marriage.  We’ve got a guide that showcases 5 ways to have better communication in relationships, but to take the tips even further, we reached out to couples therapists, …

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5 Tips for Better Communication in Relationships

communication in relationships - Couple enjoying one another while having breakfast in bed

In relationships, we interact every day, but do we really communicate? While on a basic level we may be getting our points across, giving and receiving information, there is a difference between communicating effectively and ineffectively. In a marriage or romantic relationship, effective communication is one of the most important keys to happiness and success. …

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25+ Open When Letter Ideas for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

open when letter ideas for couples - image of pink carnations on top of old fashioned envelope

Have you heard of open when letters? These are a super romantic way to let a partner know you’re thinking of them, especially when you’re far away. We’ve compiled the perfect list of open when letter ideas just for you! There’s nothing as sweet as a handwritten letter. When you’re far apart from someone, those …

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What are the 5 Love Languages? A Quick Five Love Languages Summary

five love languages summary header - couple in white shirts laying on floor with heads pressed together

The love languages are one of the most popular concepts in relationship psychology today. It’s likely you’ve already heard of the love languages, but do you know which love language is yours? And do you know how helpful they can be in creating better communication and healthy, happy relationships? Learning your partner’s love language is …

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60 Loving Texts for Him that Will Make Him Feel Adored

loving texts for him header image - Happy winter couple. Man giving woman piggyback ride on winter vacation in snowy forest. Winter fun couple playful together outdoor. Valentine's Day and love concept. Girl kisses man in winter forest

Life pro tip: your man loves to hear how much you care about him. (Don’t we all?!) Part of keeping romance alive involves showing your love for one another each and every day. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to send one of these loving texts for him.  Texting has become …

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Words of Affirmation Love Language: A How-To Guide

The love languages are one of the most popular concepts in relationship psychology today. It’s likely you’ve already heard of the love languages, know which languages are yours, and now are looking for more guidance on one of these: the words of affirmation love language. The 5 Love Languages were created by author Gary Chapman, …

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The 6 Best Apps for Couples: For Budgeting, Romance, and More

couple hugging by a brilliant blue sea, standing on a cliff. best honeymoon destinations in the usa header image

Love is about more than poetry and flowers. In 2019, it might also include a couple of mobile apps! We’re always aiming to share our top tips for the couples lifestyle, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite couple-centric apps. Some are designed specifically for two people, while others we think just work …

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