25 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

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Have you heard that couples who travel together stay together? We’re living proof that it is true!

Traveling together is great for your relationship as well as your lives and your personal growth. Do you travel with the one you love? If your love affair has so far mostly been a stationary one, perhaps it’s time you took a journey as a couple. After all, it just might change your life and enhance your relationship. 

Traveling with your partner in love and life is incredibly rewarding.

Although it might seem fairly obvious for married couples or those in long term relationships to travel together, there are far more reasons to jet off side-by-side than simply because it is convenient.

Solo travel is certainly awesome, and even if you are currently attached, traveling on your own is a great experience. But on those moments when you’re seeking an adventure with that special someone, couples travel is where it’s at. There are so many ways travel improves your relationship, and plus, it’s spectacularly fun! And once you’ve done it, you will be hooked. From a weekend getaway to romantic nights in Paris.

Most of all, traveling together is just great for your relationship. With some serious and some silly, here are 25 amazing reasons that couples that travel together stay together.

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1. You create shared memories.

Your first sight of an epic vista is most memorable with the one you love by your side. Sigh. Romance on the road. It’s pretty darn sweet. Sharing that moment is priceless. And taking those moments home to share is really amazing. 

2. You get through some tough stresses together.

During long airport layovers, you’ve got a lap you can rest your weary head in. No pillow? Thank god your partner’s got a squishy lap. This is a great way to bond, especially when you’re dealing with stressful travel disasters. Definitely, something that will connect you more deeply together!

3. You learn to appreciate the little things.

Such as, someone can sit with your stuff while you hit up the airport restroom! LOL! This is such a #blessing, y’all! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to drag the entirety of your carry-on AND your personal item into that tiny stall whose door opens inward.

4. Traveling is the ultimate test of a relationship.

For better and for worse, if you can travel together, particularly in challenging situations, you can likely handle anything. Travel can put your love through the wringer, but you will emerge stronger than ever before. 

5. You experience feeling safe together.

Traveling as a couple certainly gives you the physical aid of safety in numbers, and gives you the benefit of two people keeping a lookout for danger. But most of all, it shows you that your partner has your back in all situations. 

6. You’ll have so much to laugh about. And humor is the glue of relationships.

Road trips are much cooler when you can jam out to 90s throwback tunes with the one you love. Rocking out solo to “Return of the Mack” is nerdy. Rocking out with someone you love: now you are hip.

7. You will solve problems together.

There’s nothing like travel to create the opportunity for problem-solving and disaster-avoiding. When traveling as a couple, you will sort out issues and find ways to make things better, together. 

8. You experience new things together and can share your individual perspectives.

Travel is all about learning and growing and doing it together cements your relationship bond like nothing else. Plus, every experience is doubled and enhanced! Can’t decide what to order for dinner? Try twice the local cuisine by sharing two dishes.

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9. You get the opportunity to experience long-term living, such as if you opt to try housesitting.

 Housesitting becomes more than just awesome free accommodation, it turns into “playing house!” Housesitting is our favorite option for longer-term living on the road. Nothing beats staying in great places and caring for adorable pets.

No matter what kind of accommodation you have during your couples’ trip, you have the benefits of experiencing the ins and outs of daily life together. This is definitely strengthening for a relationship.

10. You can learn to depend on them.

You can hold their hand when the flight gets turbulent, let them care for you when you get food poisoning, and generally trust them to handle things when you can’t. This is huge for building a relationship. 

11. You will learn how to manage money together.

Travel can be expensive or budget-friendly, but it definitely costs money and requires some planning and sacrifices. You will learn to budget as a couple, which will have positive ramifications throughout your relationship.

12. You’ll always have someone who remembers your travel inside jokes.

Remember that time….? It’s nice having a travel companion you can recount tales of your misadventures with.

13. Someone’s always got your back if you get a little too excited sampling the local beers & spirits.

Your darling can escort you back to your hotel room in a way that salvages your dignity. It’s always good to have a buddy watching out for you. PS: Getting married gives you that buddy for LIFE.

14. You learn to appreciate laziness even more.

It’s okay to do nothing! Traveling as a couple is a perfect excuse for room service. Time to splurge on a lavish meal in bed.

15. You experience some of the most epic romantic places and stays. 

All of this romance simply enhances your own romantic sensibilities. Don’t forget to take time for romance and date nights, even when traveling. And luxury is always great. If you’re married, go ahead and pretend it’s your honeymoon over and over and over to try to get free upgrades. Any of these fancy romantic getaway package ideas will be perfect!

And after the honeymoon, there are still a million trips to take as a couple.

16. Couples who travel together have improved communication skills.

Navigating your way around the world, managing challenges, and making tough decisions…all of this is great for building communication and connection in a relationship—and making your love stronger than ever.

17. Speaking of communication, your foreign language skills may improve since you have a free language practice partner.

Trying to learn a foreign language? It’s easy to get lazy on your own, but if two of you do it together, it’s added motivation to practice. Either way, check out the free Duolingo app for a great way to improve your language skills in a few minutes a day.

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18. You develop a deeper appreciation for your partner’s comapny.

There’s always someone to chat to on a plane, waiting in line, or in a crowded room of strangers. Solo travel is a good way to meet new people, but if you’re more introverted or just not in the mood to branch out, traveling as a couple gives you an automatic friend.

19. “You travel faster alone, but farther together.”

Just as it says. Traveling together will grow your relationship in unimaginable ways.

A couple smiles while petting a kangaroo.

20. You learn to compromise when it comes to making decisions.

Tacos or pizza? Let him or her decide where you’re eating tonight. Sometimes, you don’t want all that pressure!

21. You will have better sex. Yes, it’s true.

Studies show that couples who travel together are more adventurous and satisfied in the sheets as well.

22. When things go wrong, they’re there to commiserate with you…or make you laugh.

Canceled flight or lost luggage? Laugh and cry about it together.

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23. Your partner is the best one to watch a sunset with.

Because sunsets are one of the earth’s most romantic gifts.

A couple embraces one another while looking out at mountains as the sun sets.

24. You can ‘Netflix & chill’ around the world.

Don’t feel ashamed if you’re in Italy and you still want to catch up on Orange is the New Black…. We totally understand.

25. Because travel is love!

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