Adult Vacations: Why Couples Who Travel Have Better Sex

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When is the last time you enjoyed one of those much-deserved adult vacations? You know, a trip for just you and your significant other, no kids, no meetings, no obligations.

If you’re in a relationship, you probably know there are plenty of benefits that come with traveling as a couple—(and you definitely know the importance of intimacy.)

A romantic getaway or even a weekend spent in a new location can be an adventure, and the chance for some intimacy and some excitement provides a much-needed boost to your partnership.

But adult vacations, or, even better, nonstop travel with a partner, can reap you rewards that go beyond that passionate holiday.

According to research (of the official and “unofficial” kind, teehee) some important conclusions have been drawn: couples who travel together have better sex. Is it true? Read on for some compelling evidence.

Because Science

A study from 2013 confirmed what many frequent couples travelers already suspected: travel improves romantic relationships. But the survey also revealed some interesting details about sex.

Respondents who travel with their partner not only claim to be more satisfied overall with their sex lives (as compared to non-traveling couples), but also report that their sex lives improved AFTER travel and were even improved permanently.

Wow, way to go travel.

The numbers don’t lie: clearly couples who travel are finding that their adventures are enhancing their intimacy and sex life significantly.

So what is it about travel that makes everyone so damn satisfied?

Travel Brings Novelty

We’ve all heard the suggestion that when your sex routine has grown a bit “stale” it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom.

Well, instead of racking your brains to figure out exactly how to do that, get on that laptop and book a trip!

Discovering a fresh environment hand-in-hand is a simple way to put yourself into entirely new surroundings and circumstances. Things are different when you travel.

If you’ve got kids, your adult vacation gives you the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with your partner. This might be enough of a novelty in itself.

Throw a romantic hotel into the mix and you’ve got plush new bedding, an alluring whirlpool bathtub, and the champagne chilling in the corner. These little touches equal instant excitement, and it’s easy to get swept away in your own passionate love affair.

Plus, there’s something about hotel sex that feels a bit more verboten.

Fewer Distractions

At home, it’s far too easy to get sucked into Netflix, checking work email, or doing just one more chore. It’s more of a challenge to unplug and focus all your attention on your partner. But travel creates these opportunities for you.

Not only does it give you a much-needed break from those everyday distractions, but the novelty, the adventure, and the mindset of travel all bring your focus to that other person in your space.

When it comes to being intimate, this means you’ll be more in tune with each other physically, spiritually, and emotionally. A more powerful sexual experience is sure to ensue.

Shared Experiences Bring You Closer

Of course sex isn’t just about the physical passion. It’s so much about the emotional intimacy between two people. When you’re totally comfortable with someone and know them incredibly well, that closeness equates to the best kind of sex there is.

It’s possible for all types of couples to be close, but there’s a certain intimacy borne of traveling with your partner.

Was he there holding you as you witnessed that Grecian sunset? Wasn’t she the one who picked out that perfect, hidden restaurant for the best dinner of your life?

Remember when you missed the train and hitched a ride in the back of a livestock truck? Your partner was there with you.

Those moments big and small, hilarious and touching, are things you can’t fully share with anyone else than the person who experienced them with you. If that doesn’t inspire closeness, we don’t know what does.

A couple cuddles while laying in bed, smiling.

Couples Who Travel are More Adventurous

Sometimes the best sex is about being fun and experimental in the bedroom. Who better to grab the bull by the horns (no innuendo intended we swear!) than a traveler?

Couples who travel have built up their confidence by discovering the world find that everything else is affected as well.

There’s a serious level of independence gained by traveling (whether as a couple or solo travel) and this translates into multiple areas of your life.

It stands to reason, then, that becoming more self-confident and daring would yield better sex for you and your partner.

Travel Builds Relationships – Beyond Sex

Since this blog is all about traveling as a couple, we know firsthand how much traveling has added to our marriage.

Sex is a byproduct of these other gains, in our opinion, because while a rockin’ sex life can be important for a lasting partnership, things like trust, compassion, respect, commitment, and a deep sense of love mean even more.

Because travel encompasses both the good and the bad at times, it forces you to grow in many ways. As a couple, it teaches you how to compromise for your wants and needs and to honor those of your partner.

It helps you learn how to share space (sometimes even a very cramped space!) and how to handle stress—the type of stress traveling brings, which is different than day-to-day hassles at home.

And although it might sound corny, traveling together successfully shows you that you can achieve things as a team. This strengthens your partnership and helps you to grow individually—both of which will help to enhance your relationship.

Any Kind of Travel

The good news is, it isn’t just long-term travel that benefits couples. While it’s nice to get away as often as possible, even a vacation or weekend excursion here and there can help.

Nor does it have to be luxury travel.

While there’s something inherently sexy about chocolate-covered strawberries and a balcony with an Eiffel Tower view, there is equal passion to be found on a wilderness camping trip.

In fact, some of our favorite moments from traveling together weren’t those in fancy hotel rooms, but those in which we were cuddled up in the back of a cozy campervan, just us, a bottle of wine, and the stars.

Fancy its time for you to book an adult vacation? Wherever you head, we’re sure the sparks will be flyin’.

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