How These Couples Afford to Travel the World

A couple cuddles on the beach near the ocean.

While those with wanderlust in their hearts are researching their next destination or affordable flights, many are also pondering an important question: how can I even afford to travel the world?  While they might hold deep within a burning desire for adventures, they may fear that the cost of travel is too prohibitive. Many people …

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How to Become a Digital Nomad in 11 Easy Steps

The backs of a couple sitting on a tropical beach with turquoise water and a leaning palm tree.

Have you ever experienced lifestyle envy? Sitting at your desk at work and covertly lusting over your Instagram feed for those working remotely? We’ve definitely been there. When you’re working at a typical 9-5 job, it can feel like the rest of the world has it made in the shade. And it gets you wondering …

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15 Amazing Tools To Rock Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A couple looks out at a city.

The digital nomad lifestyle. Say those words, and many people envision trust fund babies lounging by palm trees with their laptops and “pretending” to work.  Even some digital nomads themselves paint an idyllic picture, claiming to work only a few hours per day and spending the rest traveling and adventuring. Well, we are digital nomads …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Working Online as a Freelancer

A woman smiles with a city skyline behind her.

These days, it seems like nearly everyone is living the dream. Quit your job! Ditch the grind! Travel for free! Quick slogans and splashy photos advertise the ideal lifestyle: lounging on a beach while apparently raking in the dough. But a lot of those catchphrases and idyllic images aren’t being honest. Sure, there’s probably someone …

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How to Start a Travel Blog: a Simple Guide

A woman smiles with the view of an ocean behind her.

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m a travel blogger. You want to be one too? Welcome to a not-so-elite society of travel bloggers the world over. Before you dive in headfirst and start a travel blog, you should know, there are a lot of us. You may never make money. You’ll probably never get famous. Travel …

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A Unique Way to Make Money While Traveling

A person's hands are on money next to a money jar that says Travel

Earning money while traveling was always a bit of a dream of mine. I had read heaps of encouraging blogs where people were doing just this – living their dream and traveling the world. While this appealed to me, becoming a successful travel blogger isn’t easy, and for many of us it’s simply not attainable. …

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