How These Couples Afford to Travel the World

A couple cuddles on the beach near the ocean.

While those with wanderlust in their hearts are researching their next destination or affordable flights, many are also pondering an important question: how can I even afford to travel the world?  While they might hold deep within a burning desire for adventures, they may fear that the cost of travel is too prohibitive. Many people …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Working Online as a Freelancer

A woman smiles with a city skyline behind her.

These days, it seems like nearly everyone is living the dream. Quit your job! Ditch the grind! Travel for free! Quick slogans and splashy photos advertise the ideal lifestyle: lounging on a beach while apparently raking in the dough. But a lot of those catchphrases and idyllic images aren’t being honest. Sure, there’s probably someone …

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