17 of the Best Outdoor Adventure Books

A male backpacker hikes in the wilderness as the sun sets.

I’ve always loved an adventure book. I’m not talking about your typical travel memoir, but about a gritty, hard-core survival tale. A novel about a sailing ship beset by ocean storms, or a rousing non-fiction Everest disaster story. An epic of crazy weather, bad fortune, and nearly always, the resilience of the human spirit. These …

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15+ Best Marriage Books for Couples to Read Together (2020)

Couple sits on a couch together while reading on an ipad.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written about relationships and marriage. But not all of them are worth your time. Which ones are? If you’re looking to find the best marriage books for couples out there, we’ve made it easy for you, combining 15 excellent reads into one ultimate list. What makes a …

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The Top Ten Literary Sites in Boston You Should Visit

People working inside a library with green lamps.

This post on literary sites in Boston is a guest article by Jessica A. Kent of Boston Book Blog. Welcome to Boston, a city rich with writers, readers, and literary culture, both past and present. Whether you’re looking to find your next read, be inspired by some bookish sites, or want to learn more about …

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10 Books to Kindle Your Wanderlust

Image of books with writing that says “10 Books to Kindle Your Wanderlust.”

Nathan and I are both avid readers. We have a stack of books in our bedroom that we’ll never get through, and yet we can never seem to pass up a chance to buy more (only at used book stores, of course, we ARE budget travelers!). Together, we’ve read a large number of books, across …

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