15 of the Most Romantic Things to Do in London

A still river and bridge leading to the historic Big Ben clocktower at sunset.

This piece on romantic things to do in London is a guest post from Kelly of A Pair of Passports. Compared to the likes of Paris and Florence, London may not often be considered one of the most romantic places in Europe. However, with its incredible history and gorgeous architecture, it’s hard not to fall …

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11 Romantic Things to Do in Bath, UK

The sun sets over a classic historic English-style bridge.

If you’re looking for a romantic trip in the UK, head to Bath. This beautiful city is the largest in Somerset and is known for (and named after) the Roman-built baths in the centre. The entire city centre is a World Heritage site and there’s plenty to do for families, friends and especially couples looking …

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19 Absolute Best Places to Visit in the UK

The sun sets over a countryside with a river running through it. Purple flowers are in the foreground.

Planning a trip to the UK? Want to venture out of London? There are so many amazing cities, staggeringly beautiful national parks and historic towns to visit in this country. It’s packed so full of attractions, it will take you years to see them all!  That being said, there are some particular highlights. The UK …

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How to Create a Romantic Wales Road Trip

A white van is parked on the side of the road. Mountains and a lake are seen in the background.

We like romance. And we like adventure. The perfect combination of these two is what dictates our travels, and we seek them in every experience, even the everyday ones. While spending a few months in the UK in autumn 2016, we knew we wanted to explore some of the areas we hadn’t seen before. We’ve …

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The Best Coffee Shops in Bath, UK

View from above of two cups of coffee.
This is a guest post from Penelope of The Flyaway Girl 

I consider myself to have a pretty intimate knowledge of the best coffee shops in Bath, UK. Why? Because I have lived there (on and off) since 2013 and have a minor major obsession with coffee. (It’s pretty clear the Two Drifters love coffee, too!) So here is my round-up of my favourite coffee shops in the city!

TL;DR If you’re in need of a Bath coffee fix NOWWWW, scroll to the bottom for a mini round-up of the best coffee shops in Bath

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