50 Romantic Instagram Travel Couples to Inspire Your Adventures

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Sigh, so many romantic Instagram travel couples.

Being able to explore the world side by side as a couple is a dream come true. It’s a dream that has seemingly become reality for so many traveling couples out there. As Instagram lovers, we’re endlessly inspired by the feeds of other adventurous, traveling Instagram couples. We follow these romantic duos from our own Instagram account, and honestly, the photos just keep getting better and better.

From our fellow travel couples we’ve been inspired to see certain destinations or to sample amazing restaurants. We especially get great ideas for beautiful hotels we’d like to stay in.

And, cheesy as it sounds, couple goals is kind of a real thing. If you need a visual boost to rev up your romance or increase your adventure, have a browse through the accounts below. Each one has been hand-picked by us for their sweet and epic shots and often beautiful travel photography. Still others have beautiful, sweet captions that we love to read.

And many of these sweethearts have become our virtual (and on occasion real-life) friends! So please go check out their feeds and give them a follow if you like. With a palpable sense of adventure and partnership, it’s clear that these traveling couples embody legit #couplegoals. And with their jetsetting world travels, it’s hard not to swoon.

From Tennessee to Tokyo: here are 50 romantic Instagram travel couples who keep catching our eye:

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50 Romantic Instagram Travel Couples

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Victoria & Terrence are always pushing the boundaries with their photography. Think epic landscapes with a gorgeous couple. Inspiration city!


Kristin & Shadi have the most colorful adventures! Like a Lisa Frank trapper keeper come to life



Today marks 3 years since we quit our jobs, sold everything, and left our home in San Francisco to travel the world! When we had the idea to give up everything to travel, many said we were crazy for leaving good jobs, a house, and all of the things we worked hard for. We were told it wouldn’t work. That it couldn’t work. But we needed to follow our hearts — that we had to at least give this idea a try. And before we knew it, what was supposed to be one year of travel, quickly turned into two years, and now as we enter our third year of constant travel, it’s hard for us to imagine our life any other way. And while living out of a suitcase definitely has its ups and downs, we can safely say that deciding to make the leap and follow our dreams — has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! A big hug and kiss to all of you who’ve been following along on our journey! ❤️❤️ Tag someone you’d love to travel the world with!!

A post shared by Chris & Danika (@nodestinations) on

Here’s an amazing couple that quit their jobs to see the world — and they look like they have so much fun doing it!


These two have seen 18 countries together & counting!



Perfect end to our first full day in Khao Lak #sunset #happiness #love

A post shared by Paul and Carole (@paulandcarole) on

Paul & Carole are a sweet UK couple who jet off on adventures regularly.

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 Amazing adventures from this duo!


Natasha and Cameron are currently exploring Africa, and their photos are epic.


Nick & Dariece have been inspiring other traveling pairs since 2008. Their digital nomad lifestyle is awesome.


These two are just beyond gorgeous.



I’ll never let you go even when the wind blows between us sometimes.

A photo posted by X + K F L Y A W A Y ✈️ (@xkflyaway) on

A desert and your soulmate…what could be better for adventures?



I (really) like being married to you @rcecil. #marriageisawesome @romanceandadventure #ourromanceandadventure

A photo posted by Morgan Day Cecil (@morgandaycecil) on

Morgan & her husband radiate joy, often traveling with their kids in tow. Life goals right here.


Beautiful AND kind. We know Lena & Bassam from the Internet world and they are simply the most genuine, nice people.



Just another couple living a dream life. Sigh…..


Dave & Deb are the original couples travel bloggers. They’re such inspirations to us and their incredible photography says it all…..



Bali serving up rice and views ✨

A photo posted by The Two Itinerants (@thetwoitinerants) on

Love goes everywhere with these two.


There are no words for this adorable romance!



Camping Lady #camping #lady #fire #moutains #goodtimes

A photo posted by HikersInCrime (@hikersincrime) on

I’m pretty sure these two have the best date nights (and days!)


Just casually smooching in front of a castle…as you do.


The couple that laughs together….loves life!


Some couples are just so elegant and sophisticated. These two inspire a summer of class & style .



Finding waterfalls on our rainforest hike was incredible! Of course we jumped in! (May 2016)

A photo posted by @hilladventures on

Romance under a waterfall? Check.


The road always looks better when you’re on it together.



A photo posted by Jeff and Madeline (@wanderingwilsons) on

Gettin’ hot under the summer sun! Whew!



Una por aquí cumple años el domingo 🙊 y otro que la conoce muy bien le ha regalado vuelos a Londres 🙈 ¡Nos vamos mañana! ¿Sabéis que no he estado nunca? ¡No veo el momento de llegar! ¡Felicidad máxima! 😁💃🏼🎉 P.D. La foto no tiene nada que ver y además ya la habéis visto 😂 pero no estoy en casa y he tirado de móvil y de felicidad ☺️ . . . It’s my birthday next Sunday! 🙊And one person that really knows me well…have bought tickets to London as my bday present! We’re leaving tomorrow! Do you guys know that I’ve never been there! I’m so excited! Can’t wait!! 😁💃🏼🎉 . . . #couples#relationshipgoals#maldives#maldivas#beach#sandbank#island#memories#mypartnetincrime#wander#lunademiel#island#totravelistolive#naturaleza#backpacker#playas#beaches#awesome#freedom#islandlife#luxury#instagram#journey#travels#travelbug#holiday#trip#wanderonworld#paradise#honeymoon

A post shared by W A N D E R O N W O R L D (@wanderonworld) on

Just two darlings living life to the fullest.



It took us hours to find this waterfall. Mostly because there isn’t an actual trail that leads to it (or if there is, we didn’t find it). We gave up more than once and were about to leave but decided to give it one last go. . After wading through nearly waist deep ice cold water and walking for a short distance more, we finally made it! . Sometimes the best things in life you gotta try a little harder for. What have you kept pursuing that was worth it in the end? . . . . . . . . . . #travelstories #darlingescapes #goplayoutside #travelcouple #coupletravel #athomeintheworld #traveleroftheweek #openmyworld #beautifuldestinations #bestplacestogo #iamatraveler #mytinyatlas #earthfocus #beautifulplaces #discoverearth #global_stars #traveldeeper #welltraveled #forbestravelguide #couplegoals #coupleswhoexplore #travelsandchill #romanticexplorers #relationshipgoals #adventureculture #livetravelchannel #travelandlife #letsgoeverywhere #bbctravel #Tennessee

A post shared by Logan & Kallsy Page (@pagesoftravel) on

Logan & Kallsy take adventure to new heights of cuteness!


Whatever the weather, we’ll face it together.


Selena & Jacob take flawless photos of their romantic adventures.


The mountains are for lovers.



Fly with me over Edessa waterfalls in Northern Greece . —————– #lovegreece #edessa #waterfalls

A photo posted by Travel Couple Daisy & Nenad (@workingwayfarers) on

Some Instagram travel couples sweep each other off their feet.


A journey of a thousand miles…begins with a piggy back ride.



1. Thailand’s new year, Songkran, always falls on April 13th and it’s by far the wettest, wildest and craziest country wide party we had the pleasure of partaking in. 2. This is probably the only photo we got to take throughout the festivities because we were having way too much fun. Our SnapChat caught some wild moments though. 3. Footage or not, this is an experience we will NEVER forget. ✨❤️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #wheninroaming #phuket #thailand #patong #songkran #songkranfestival #songkran2016 #wetandwild #itslit #watergunfight #watereverywhere #travelgram #instatravel #ig_thailand #ig_phuket #amazingthailand #travelisthenewclub #travelnoire #flyduos #travelfly #igtravel #iphonephotography #wanderlust #followmefaraway #bestmemories #lifeofadventure #livetravelchannel #blacktravelhackers #coupleswhotravel #neverstopexploring

A photo posted by Travis & Eliana (@wheninroaming) on

This is going to the top of our summer date “to do” list! Water guns!


Nothing says freedom (or Instagram relationship goals) like a summer road trip.


Some couples kick back and relax with a cold beer, while others like to kick back and relax with the World’s Wonders.



It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you ❤️ #pigeonvalley #cappadocia #coupletravel #love #bestfriend #kiwisoffcourse

A photo posted by Bianca&BrettTravel Couple❤️ (@kiwisoffcourse) on

Adventures and romance….it’s what it’s all about.



Today we’re partnering with @OldNavy to share a few of our favorite ways to style Old Navy Tees in the fall as well as the questions we ask ourselves when shopping for new articles of clothing. Since we live near the mountains in Utah, we find ourselves constantly doing hikes or roadtrips through the mountains. People often ask us why we moved here and the biggest reason (besides having family here) is that there is so much to do outside and in the mountains. People here are very health-conscious and physically active. We are also passionate about having an active/outdoor lifestyle and have really loved being a part of the larger community of Salt Lake City. • We do find that dressing for the occasion here is all based off necessity. Since the weather can fluctuate quite a bit between the altitude changes of being in the valley vs. being in the mountains, we always layer up by starting with a base layer Tee. Some of our favorite ways to dress up this base layer in a practical way includes layering with vests and jackets. You can find our full post with ‘before we buy’ questions on our blog (link in profile). • How do you style Old Navy Tees to suit your lifestyle? Feel free to tag your tips to @oldnavy with #oldnavystyle #neverbasic. #sponsored

A post shared by Brewed Together (@brewedtogether) on

Marilyn and Caleb are so huggably adorable—I wanna squeeze ’em! Not to mention their too-cute-for-words baby.



Gemma & Craig are so hip it hurts. Funny, sweet, and they share beautiful photos of their adventures in Scotland and beyond.



Get. Out! We were recently named as one of 21 young Aussies doing interesting travel things on insta by the legends at @awolaus We’re amongst some seriously talented people, so to say we’re pretty chuffed is an understatement! To see what all the fuss is about, check the link in our bio! . . . . #ichosetowander . . . . . #goneawol #victoriafalls #zambia #africa #liveintrepid #geckosadventures #lifewelltravelled #travel #travelphotography #natgeotravelpic #exploremore #passionpassport #travelstoke #traveldeeper #beautifuldestinations #natgeotravel #bbctravel #lonelyplanet #lppathfinders #travelblogger #wanderlust #openmyworld #wearetravelgirls #lpfanphoto #travelawesome #contiki #exploreeverything #tlpicks #vscotravel

A post shared by Travel Couple // Mark & Mim (@thecommonwanderer) on

This beautiful Instagram couple has a dreamy feed and an enviable lifestyle. Where haven’t they been?


Colette & Scott exude love and passion. They’re always having fun hand in hand or arm in arm. Couple goals Instagram for sure.



Decorating the house for Christmas making sure all is merry and bright New holiday plaid dresses on KJP.com

A post shared by Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) on

This is Sarah & Kiel and their entire feed is literally the coziest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.



Well that tripod selfie turned a little saucy

A post shared by Ayesha & Gavin (@lensesandlocals) on

Ayesha & Gavin have a subtly stunning Instagram account, and every now and then you get a glimpse into their sweet relationship.

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Here’s to the fools who dream….

A post shared by Nash & Kim (@thenomadicpeople) on

Meet Nash & Kim. Never before has living in a van looked so totally luxurious.

@fortheloveofwanderlust & @mattwunder

Paige & Matt have an enviable love. They’re totally happy together and make the perfect adventure partners. And we got to meet them last year when we all lived in Asheville, North Carolina!



Light the way. @biolite #vancitywild #happyadventuring

A post shared by VancityWild (@vancitywild) on

Another example of a beautiful traveling Instagram couple that just oozes cozy romance. #Couplegoals right here!


Kelly & Sean are a sweet American & Brit exploring the UK and beyond, often with fluffy dog Giorgio in tow. They have a genuine affection visible in their photos, and we also love their destination shots.


Sebastian and Stefan are a gorgeous Instagram pair. Their love and adventures who will inspire you to see the world with the one you love….and their abs will inspire you to hit the gym!


There may be few couples who have more amazing adventures than Lisanne & Jeffrey.


Yay for Instagram love!

If you’re a couple who travels, we’d love to check out your Instagram! Share it with us in the comments below. And feel free to come explore with us on IG as well 🙂