Romantic Things to Do in the Seychelles

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This is a guest post by Cory of You Could Travel.

The Seychelles is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. As an ultimate romantic honeymoon destination, Seychelles features white sand, crystal clear water and tropical jungles. Each island is entirely different, a unique paradise with either granite boulders or sandy, flat islands covered by palm trees. Whichever your idea of a romantic holiday, the Seychelles has the right place for you.

The Seychelles is well known for Anse Source d’Argent, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world located on La Digue, the Unesco Heritage Site Vallee de Mai on Praslin and the local giant tortoises which can be found on Curieuse. No matter what your idea of a romantic paradise is, the Seychelles has an island to suit your needs.

A palm tree cascades down with a beach behind.

Enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach

To start off your romantic Seychelles honeymoon, relax with your loved one on Petite Anse, on the island of Mahe. As this is part of the Four Season Hotel, you can pre-book a sunset dinner on the beach. The staff will arrange the table for you, with a bottle of champagne and beautiful exotic flowers. You can enjoy the amazing fiery hues of the sunset whilst sipping on your drink and telling your partner how much you love them. Why not enjoy a quick dip in the ocean under the beautiful starry skies, as the ocean temperature remains incredibly pleasant and perfect for a night swim.

Romantic walks on the beach

Mornings are superb in the Seychelles, as the sun is just rising, the temperatures are wonderful and the island is just about coming to life. Start your day with a beautiful walk on the beach, feeling the buttery white sand under your feet. Most beaches in the Seychelles are quite secluded and private, so you are guaranteed to feel the tropical vibe. As a tip, have your snorkelling gear ready so you can both enjoy the varied marine life in the warm and inviting Indian Ocean.

View of clear ocean water next to a palm tree.

Chill in an infinity pool

Nothing beats an afternoon in an infinity pool which offers sensational views of those exotic beaches. Most huts in the Seychelles are surrounded by tropical gardens including frangipani trees. Enjoy a glass of wine with your loved ones and admire the Seychelles at sunset from above. Don’t forget to order room service, followed by a spa treatment for two.

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Hike in the Seychelles

Romance doesn’t have to stop on the beach. Take your partner and go on a hiking adventure through the real tropical jungles of the Seychelles. You can do the Anse Major, one of the most popular trails which lead to a secluded beach, perfect for a private snorkelling session. Alternatively, hike through the Vallee de Mai in Praslin, in order to see the coco de mer (also known as the sea coconut), endemic to the islands of Praslin and Curieuse in the Seychelles. If you want a more relaxing walk, spend a few hours around La Digue, where you can trail from one secluded beach to another.

A couple poses in the rainforest.

Go diving together

One of the most incredible things in the Seychelles is the varied marine life you can discover in the Indian Ocean. There is so much to be observed underwater, and no better way to do so, then by diving in the Seychelles, hand in hand with your partner. Don’t worry if you’ve never dived before, you can get professionals to train you in the morning and go diving during the very same day. You will have the chance to see colourful corals, myriad fish and sea turtles. Almost too beautiful to be true.

Just sunbathe on the beach and swim in the ocean

Ultimately, the Seychelles is about having a relaxing time with your partner. Be on the beach, swim in the calm waters, enjoy exotic fruits and take it easy. The Seychelles is a magical place with constant temperatures of over 25 degrees, making it the perfect year round destination. If you love sailing, take your partner on a luxurious sailing adventure just before the sunset.

A palm tree hangs over a beach.

Elope in the Seychelles

Seychelles might be about the most beautiful honeymoon destination in the world, but few people know that you can elope here too. Why not get married here and have a photographer take those perfect pictures together around the Anse Source d’Argent during sunset? You can tie the knot right on the beach, have say “yes” in tandem with the ocean waves. You can have a white beach dress and your hair decorated with frangipani flowers. Have your honeymoon begin on the very same beach and book a hotel room in a romantic villa overlooking the ocean. What better place for wake up as a married couple?

Jump from a plane

Are you a couple in search of extreme sensations? Jump from a plane whilst gaining the best possible views of these picturesque islands. There are lots of skydiving opportunities and it will definitely raise those adrenaline levels so you can spend the rest of the afternoon chilling on the beach and enjoying an open air cinema at the Hilton Hotel.

A walkway leads to a bungalow over the water.

Whether your idea of romance is chilling on the beach, enjoying the sunset or trailing through exotic jungles, you will be sure to find it on the Seychelles. An undoubtedly fabulous archipelago with dreamy landscapes, the Seychelles sure is the perfect romantic destination.

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