8 Romantic Things to Do in Positano, Italy

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Positano is a highly romanticized travel destination in Italy. Its charm and magic are evident in photos and is even more powerful in person. The beauty of Positano has led it to become one of the most beautiful places in Italy and is a hotspot for all types of travellers.

Although it is a popular travel destination for all types of travellers the most popular type of people to visit posited or couples. Newly dating, engaged, married and everything else, Positano welcomes a plethora of couples every year who are eager to enjoy a romantic getaway in this lover’s paradise.

Positano is located along the stunning stretch of land just south of Naples called the Amalfi Coast. This is a very famous stretch of land which is characterized for unique architecture, aqua blue waters, and huge mountains. Positano is amongst various other famous cities along the coast like Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi and more! But, Positano is the most romantic out of them all.

The romantic feelings within Positano are unlike many other places on earth. It is the perfect place for couples to escape to spend some quality time together to focus on their love. This being said it is evident there are a ton of things to do in Positano and almost all of them are romantic. Here are all the best romantic things to do in Positano that are ideal for couples! 

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Positano 

Spend a day on the beach

Positano is located right along the water which means there are quite a few beaches in Positano to spend some time on. The main beach in Positano is called Spiaggia Grande which sits right at the base of the city and is a beach with 360 degrees of phenomenal views. From the beach you can look outwards to the clear blue waters or you can look back from the sea and view the pastel coloured buildings built vertically into the side of the village.

Spending a day on the beach in a rented sunbed is a great way to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Sitting in the Italian sun with a cold drink and your partner is very romantic, and this is only increased by the stunning views of this coastal beauty. 

More so, spending time on the beach isn’t only reserved for daytime hours. During the day it is usually full of people but once the sunsets most people have gone home, and it is much quieter and more romantic. Therefore, this makes it the perfect place to go for an evening walk and taking the village from below. Or you can also walk hand-in-hand well the waves hit the shore in the city lights up above you.

Go for a boat ride

A great way to enjoy the views of Positano are by boat, and this just so happens to be a very romantic adventure. This also is one of the best ways to see the village and all of its breathtaking glory. From the sea you can see the romantic coloured houses, the huge mountains in the background, and even the beach filled with colourful umbrellas. The views from the sea are as postcard perfect as they get. 

There are a ton of boat companies in Positano that offer group boat rides or more intimate private boat rides. You can choose which boat option fits your needs best and enjoy some time out on the sea. A boat ride is the perfect time to sit back relax and take in the beauty of Positano while in great company.

Buildings up on a cliff next to the ocean.

Embark on a sunset boat ride

Another romantic option is to go on a sunset boat ride instead of a daytime one. Sunsets are always a romantic sight and they are even more romantic in Italy on a boat in one of the romantic places on earth. If you are looking to plan something very special a private sunset boat ride is a great option. On these boats they can often give you some food and even alcohol to make for a very enjoyable evening where you can eat drink and enjoy the quiet sea. 

Plus, when you take a sunset boat ride once the sunsets you get to see all the windows of the houses in the village light up in a warm glow. The warmth and the glow of the village along with the moon reflecting off the water will leave you breathless and romanticized.

Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset from a boat isn’t the only way to enjoy this type of romantic event. Luckily Positano is built vertically into the high mountains that surround it and that means by walking up the hill so you can get some pretty magnificent views of the city and the sunset. With this option you can find your own private place within the village sit down and enjoy the sun setting in the sky turning the sky magical colours like orange, pink and red.

Soak in the city views

The main thing people go to Positano for are the stunning views the city has. From any place in the city you are blessed with beautiful views of the gorgeous village along with the sea and the lush mountains in the background. It is easy to get caught up in doing one thing after another while travelling but a great romantic thing to do in Positano is to just take a moment while you’re exploring the city and soak in the city. You can do this by walking up the hills and finding a place where you have a higher vantage point and finding a seat to sit on with your partner. Here you can share moment that is special to you in an unforgettable location.

Town on the side of a mountain.

Rent scooters

As mentioned Positano is located on the Amalfi coast and there are various other cities nearby. Nothing is more romantic than planning a spontaneous and adventurous getaway with your partner. And the best way to plan this in Positano is by renting scooters and heading to one of these nearby cities. With scooters you can easily drive along the winding coastal roads and go to cities like Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello or wherever else your heart desires. 

Driving on the roads along the Amalfi coast is not very easy because they’re quite winding and located a top high cliffs but if you are comfortable this is the best way to get around and a very intimate and special thing you and your partner can do together. 

Go for a hike 

Positano’s location around all the huge mountains offers ample opportunity for hikes. The most famous hike in Positano is called the path of gods which is a hike that brings you all around the mountains and offers stunning views of the coast and the village of Positano. The entire hike is quite long as it takes a few hours but in good company with your partner it is a great way to spend part of the day. Be sure to pack water, snacks and your camera because you are going to want to really enjoy this experience to the fullest. You can even plan to sit a top the mountains for some time with your partner once you find a view that is exceptionally breathtaking.

Enjoy dinner with a view 

The views of the city of Positano are undeniably the most romantic aspect of the village. But during the day and at night the city views offer something different to stare at and feel romanticized by. During the evening when the sun is gone, and the city looks like the mountainside is full of sparkling lights, is when it is arguably more romantic. This is why one of the most romantic things to do in Positano is enjoy a nice dinner while admiring the view. 

There are a ton of delicious Italian restaurants that serve fresh pasta, pizza, and wine that offer balcony seating so that you can sit and stare at the view of your partner and view of Positano. One of the best restaurants in Positano that offers you exceptional food and exceptional views is Ristorante Terrazza Cele. This restaurant serves locally infused cuisine and has a very romantic ambiance with candles and dim lighting. This is the perfect romantic thing to do in Positano that is a classic that never gets old. 

Close up of pink flowers with buildings on a mountain behind.

When to Visit Positano

The best time to visit Positano is a few months before summer, during summer, or a few months after. This being April – October. During the summer months is when Positano is its busiest. This is when you find the most tourists but also when the city is the most live with all the attractions, shops, and restaurants being open. Before and after summer it’s a little less busy but still just as romantic and open for tourists. Use your best judgement on when to visit ad find which time works best for you. Just know that in the summer it is hotter and more expensive and in the shoulder seasons you can get some lower costs and more mild temperatures. 

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