Love on the Road: Kate & Jeremy

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It seems we’re always coming across more amazing couples who have taken the giant leap into pursuing adventure. It’s a wonderful thing and we love sharing their stories with you! Today, let’s chat with a couple new friends: Meet Kate & Jeremy of Our Escape Clause

Hello! Please introduce yourselves!

Hi! We are Jeremy and Kate Storm, a married couple from the USA who took off in March 2016 to travel full time. What was originally supposed to be a six month RTW trip has morphed into an open-ended nomadic life: almost a year and a half after giving up having a permanent address, we’re still not quite sure when we’ll want one again!

When did you first start traveling together?

We are high school sweethearts, so we had the pleasure of starting to travel together very young: at 17 and 18 we started taking some domestic trips together, with the first stops being Colorado and North Carolina.

Neither of us had the chance to leave the USA growing up, so our honeymoon to The Bahamas four years ago kicked off international travel for us both–it turned out to be a life-changing trip in many ways, as it was the beginning of a travel addiction that changed the entire course of our lives!

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How would you describe your travel style?

Private and independent, at a moderate budget. We don’t care for group tours outside of the occasional day trip, and we have never stayed in a hostel dorm room. Despite all of our adventures, we’re ultimately both introverts at heart who crave our quiet time alone together to unwind.

We move at a relaxed pace these days, and bounce between our three favorite types of destinations with regularity: dramatic mountain views, brightly colored beaches, and bustling cities.

What has been the most rewarding part of traveling as a couple?

The amount of time we get to spend together as a couple while traveling is insanely rewarding! We love watching each other grow and change, whether it’s taking on a new language, getting over shyness, navigating a new city, or completing a new physical challenge.

Whatever we’re doing at that particular moment, chances are that we’re doing it together.

What has been the most challenging part of traveling as a couple?

The toughest part of traveling as a couple is managing where to go next! It’s hard enough working through one constantly-growing bucket list, but having two (that don’t always overlap) to consider is an occasionally overwhelming task!

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Have you ever had a fight on the road/while traveling, and how did you handle it?

We don’t tend to fight much as a couple, but there have been several occasions of bickering and treating each other less gently than we should. Typically, that means one of two things is happening: 1) we’re lost and/or stressed about getting lost, or 2) we’re exhausted.

Whenever we find ourselves losing patience and snapping at each other, we try to take a step back, problem solve if needed, and then eat and/or sleep. Solves almost all issues!

Can you share your funniest, most humorous experience traveling together?

Oh, that’s hard! Let’s see… I can’t quite remember an exact moment that was hilarious, but the day that we got to hang out with elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand was full of laughter!

Between the elephants themselves being adorable, one of us occasionally getting a trunkful of water sprayed at us, and how light-hearted and kid-like we felt throughout the day, we were laughing throughout almost the entire experience.

A couple sitting next to elephants in the forest.

Where have you been that you would recommend as the top destination for couples travel?

Almost everywhere we’ve been! It just depends on what kind of trip you’re looking for.

As far as romance, though, it’s hard to beat the Balkans–in particular, Slovenia and Croatia. The scenery, from the mountains to the lakes to the rivers to the sea, is simply magnificent. Add in gorgeous towns and cities, delicious food, and inexpensive wine, and you have all the trappings of a magical trip.

How long have you two been together?

We’ve been together since early 2008 and married since June 2013! The time goes by faster every year.

Do you think your relationship would be different if you didn’t travel?


We were always a happy and close couple, but traveling has brought everything to new heights: the highs are that much higher, and yet the lows are not as low.

The joy of sharing a passion and having a mutual focus on something so enjoyable can’t be beat–plus, after spending almost every moment together for a year and a half, we know each other better than I once would have ever thought possible.

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How do you define love?

Love is joy in the other’s presence, plus passion, plus a deep and unmovable sense of safety when with your other half: it’s simultaneously a deep and quiet contentment inside your soul and a fiery desire to know them and be known to them.

Love is beautiful, beyond words, and the greatest blessing of our lives.

What do you think is the glue that keeps relationships together?

Trust and teamwork, without a doubt.

While the passion is wonderful, the new experiences invigorating, and the laughter infectious, the complete and utter trust in your partner and the ability and desire to build a life together is a foundation that must be present in order for everything else to fill in.  

What advice do you have for couples considering traveling together?

We’re going to consider this from a long term travel perspective, since that is our experience: develop routines.

Though life on the road is very different in most respects than a life with one address and 9-5 jobs, humans (and relationships!) still need a bit of routine to stay sane. Make decisions on who will research what, who will be in charge of packing/navigating/booking transportation/booking lodging/etc, and make sure the workload is balanced.

Traveling comes with a different set of chores than living in one place, but there are still plenty of things that need to be taken care of–and luckily, it’s much more fun with your partner.

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