10 Romantic (& Fun) Places to Visit in Moscow, Russia

places to visit in moscow - St Basil`s Cathedral on Red Square in winter, Moscow, Russia. It is an old landmark of Moscow. Beautiful view of St Basil`s church during snowfall in the Moscow center. Ancient architecture of Moscow.

Moscow, Russia. The very name sounds thrillingly exotic, doesn’t it? For us, the prospect of Russia was truly exciting, and during our brief visit there in October 2018, we wanted to be sure to visit the must-sees, the very best places to visit in Moscow for couples.  So we scoured the web for lists of …

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9 Reasons to Visit Siberia

While many visitors travel to Russia each year, the vast majority of these tourists remain in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities. Far fewer set out to explore Siberia: an intriguing region that conjures many stories and ideas in the imagination. Have you ever thought about visiting Siberia? We hadn’t either, until we were invited …

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