National Park Itinerary: A low-key trip

If you’re looking for a low-key visit to Zion that doesn’t try to cram everything into a few days, or you’re looking for a straightforward guide on how to get shuttle tickets in Zion, where to camp in Zion, etc. this article will help you!

Zion is extremely popular. If you’re planning to visit Zion National Park in the next few months, you should know that it is incredibly busy and crowded, especially right now.

Consider visiting Zion outside of the busy summer months. While winter may be chilly, and some of the hikes not possible, it’s a stunning place in every season.

Another option for having a chill trip to Zion may involve selecting less-popular sites and hikes. This isn’t ideal for every traveler; some of us couldn’t THINK of visiting Zion without tackling Angel’s Landing.

If you plan in advance, booking one of the hotels near Zion National Park may be your best bet. One hotel to check out is the Cable Mountain Lodge, located super close to the Zion NP Visitor’s Center.

We camped for two nights at South Campground inside Zion National Park. The fact that we scored a site was nothing short of miraculous. South Campground sites become available to book 2 weeks in advance of the travel date.

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