The Most Romantic Things to Do in the Bahamas

The island nation of The Bahamas is often at the top of the  list because it offers all of the romantic perks of the Caribbean with  plenty of fun activities to do.

Here are just a few suggestions for how you and your significant other  can make that flame burn even hotter during a Bahamian getaway.

Explore a lush garden together

Inspired by its French namesake, the Nassau version boasts an intricately-manicured garden and terraced inclines.

Lined Circle

From their gigantic pool with a swim-up bar, thrilling water slides, and  lots of places to chill out in a private spot.

Visit a private island

Relax and pamper at a luxurious spa

The Mandara Spa at the world-renowned Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is  well-known for its pampering prowess.

After you and your companion have delighted yourselves with daytime  activities, you can then change clothes for an evening of delicious Bahamian cuisine.

Have an unforgettable dining experience


Sailing through the water

Barefoot walks in the ocean water can be very romantic; however, sailing through the water on a catamaran can be even better!

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