Why I Quit Snapchat

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Snapchat is a total blast.

From August of 2015 to a couple of months ago, I was a fairly regular poster on Snapchat. I had a little more than 100 views per snap, and followers regularly told me I made them laugh.

So why did I quit Snapchat?

Statistics show that Snapchat is growing at an incredible rate. Video views grew by a remarkable 400% from May 2015 to May 2016. The only app to recently surpass it has been the insane craze that is Pokemon Go. But still, Snapchat continues to flourish. If you’re thinking about hopping on the Snapchat train, now’s the time. But unfortunately for me, I decided to get off. Snapchat isn’t slowing down, so yes, I basically leapt from a rapidly moving locomotive.

I’m not saying you should quit Snapchat today. If you love it, keep rocking. I just wanted to share what motivated me to click the tiny X on that shaking ghost icon—and never look back.

I Quit Snapchat to Have More Freedom

Hi, I’m Amy, and my right hand has basically transformed into an iPhone. Yes, like many of you reading this, I am fairly addicted to my phone and especially to social media. I spend so much time on Facebook and especially on Instagram, that I’m starting to develop aches in my texting thumbs. Not good. Needless to say, when I was aiming to post daily on Snapchat, I became even more phone-focused.

I felt like I had to snap every interesting moment of my life, and if I wasn’t doing anything all that interesting, I had to make it so. It was overwhelming to me, and I found myself planning my day around what I could snap: a real challenge for anyone, but especially for a digital nomad who needs to be spending most of their day working. Saying goodbye to Snapchat helped me free up more time in my day (and create more space in my brain). This has enabled me to get more done on a regular basis.

I Quit Snapchat to Have a Bit More Privacy

I’m an extravert and I admit occasionally in the past I’ve had the tendency to share too much. Being an avid Snapchatter meant that I was letting more and more people (many total strangers) into my innermost life. Part of this started to bother me a bit. Because of social media, we live in such an open and engaged society. In many ways, this is really great! It’s fun seeing behind the scenes into the lives of your favorite celebrities. It’s nice being able to have up-to-the minute news reach you.

But social media also generates more drama, more gossip, and overall, less privacy. I felt inspired to keep some things about my life, just for me. It’s lovely to make memories that not everyone gets to see. Quitting Snapchat helped me feel like I was able to have a bit more privacy cloaked around me…and thus, perhaps, an air of mystery?!? Hehe.

I Quit Snapchat Because of the Pressure

As a travel blogger, I felt enormous pressure to rock Snapchat. Many of my fellow travel bloggers are positively killing it on Snapchat, and they do it so well. I admire these folks (@expatedna, @adventurouskate) and enjoyed watching their snaps, but everywhere I went, I heard that bloggers HAD to be on Snapchat. Now was the moment, they said, now was the time to get in on the ground floor and dominate this new, wildly growing app. Oh man, this made me feel really stressed out!

I felt like succeeding on Snapchat meant I had to devote tons of time to it, to focus on making amazing snaps and gain followers like crazy. With so much else to concentrate on as a blogger, I felt overwhelmed. And to be honest, with so many great snappers already getting thousands of views per snap (hello @drewbinsky) I already felt way behind. I couldn’t keep up, and maybe I didn’t really want to.

I Quit Snapchat to Be in the Moment

Probably the main reason I quit Snapchat was because it was taking me out of authentically living my life. I don’t believe this is the case for everyone–it is possible to seamlessly interweave snapping into your life (@cailinoneil does this super well). But I was beginning to view my life in terms of “what is snappable?” Exciting moment happening? Better record it on Snapchat! A lot of the time it was fun, but I felt I was missing out on the real moments of my life, experiencing them from behind my screen.

I Quit Snapchat Because it Wasn’t Right for Our Brand

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big time Instagram fan. For some people, focusing on Instagram takes them out of the moment–they feel like this platform has them living life behind the lens. But I love IG and I have so much fun grabbing photos of my favorite places and moments. To me, this is much simpler, and a better way to capture a memory quickly. It’s what works for me. I decided to keep focusing primarily on our Instagram and let Snapchat fall to the wayside. I’m sorry Snapchat. It’s not you, it’s me.

Our Two Drifters brand is probably better served by Instagram anyway. Snapchat is ideal for travel bloggers on the go–people who visit lots of destinations on a regular basis. I’d also argue it’s a bit more geared towards solo travelers. Nathan and I don’t travel fast…in fact we often spend several months in a single destination. We also spend most of our days working on our computers and drinking lattes: not exactly Thrillsville for our viewers. In addition, I may have mentioned Nathan is something of an introvert? He’s not someone who loves to be in front of the camera. All of this means Snapchat just didn’t fit in precisely with our brand.

If you’re thinking of joining Snapchat, take the plunge. It’s good fun. But if you’re aiming to turn it into a blog marketing tool, know that hard work will be involved.

If Snapchat is taking over your life, go ahead and quit it like I did.

The lesson here is…only choose what serves you and what delights the crap out of you.

And so, au revoir Snapchat. You gave us some good times, but in the end, we just had to go our separate ways.


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13 thoughts on “Why I Quit Snapchat”

  1. I briefly was on snapchat a few months ago but I quickly felt the same way. It’s hard to live in the moment when you’re stopping to snap. That’s definitely why I quit pretty quickly. I appreciate Instagram. I can pull out my phone or camera, take a few pics, put it away, live the experience, and not worry about posting until later.

    I commend you for bucking the trend. Your authenticity and living true to your values will come through to your readers.

    • Thank you Marina for the kind words. And I totally agree about Instagram! A couple photos and I’m done for the day haha. Snapchat was very fun, but just overwhelming. Some people really rock it, tho, and I mentioned them in the article cause they’re great Snappers.

      I think I’d be more into it as a solo traveler for sure. Just fits in more to the lifestyle.

      Really glad others feel this same way, it’s nice to know.

  2. While I still have a Snapchat, I agree! I enjoy taking photos of the places I go and the things I do. But to do that, as well as Snapchat the “story,” it just takes away from whatever I am trying to enjoy. I also find Snapchat hard to keep up with on an everyday basis. It does seem like it’s a little better suited for people who are constantly traveling to new places. Good thoughts, thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. Girl, I was wondering where you went! But I feel you. I’m all about Snapchat, but it does suck up my life (just like Facebook and Instagram). I’ve decided to forgo IG Stories for many of the reasons you listed above — and I just don’t have enough time. I’ve been trying to learn balance, to varying degrees of success. (Oh, the hours spent scrolling on Facebook!)
    I think I made a mental breakthrough when I decided that I’m just not going to show people everything. If I’m going to a cool event, I’ll usually do an intro snap before I get there, then take 3-5 snaps and that’s it. If I have time I’ll add filters and stickers and all that nonsense, but if I don’t I’ll just throw things up. Making that mental leap made it easier for me to take some pressure off myself and let me enjoy my travels without having to document everything. We’re providing teasers — for the whole show, people have to get there themselves. πŸ™‚
    I’m not watching a lot of IG stories (part of my finding balance) but I’ll make sure to check-in with your guys’ adventures there! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Amy! Thanks for writing! I totally love your idea to snap at the start of an event and then just enjoy it. I think those highlights make for more watchable videos anyway! I am still experimenting with IG videos. Even that feels like a bit too much right now, but we’ll see how it goes. I do miss your snaps tho! xx

  4. I only really use snapchat for watching others snaps, with only the occasional snap from myself. But I totally understand where you are coming from, living life behind a lens, it’s something I always hate about myself sometimes. I used to be terrible for this at concerts but am slowly getting better because i’d hate seeing my favourite band perform from behind the camera/phone! The one I do need to get rid of though is twitter. Not get rid of it totally but just deleting the app from my phone, I waste so much time mindlessly scrolling it’s silly!

  5. I followed you on Snapchat…. before I quit too! Lol. I just found it impossible to take photos and snap at the same time plus look after two small kids, one who almost always needs to have her hand held when out and about. I don’t have enough hands as it is when I travel! Just impossible!!! I really only use it now to send funny snaps of the kids to a friend who lives abroad. I like it better that way! You can’t be everywhere, for everyone, all the time.

    • hahaha awww, I do miss it occasionally. It was a nice outlet for me to just be a weirdo. Now I do it occasionally on Instagram stories lol. But yes, too many things to handle, better to focus in a few places for blog/social media and don’t forget to really live in the moment. After all, that’s what we’re traveling for, right? πŸ™‚

  6. Agreed on so many levels. I for sure, was never a part of Snapchat from day 1. Always found it intrusive and never fit into my brand- Feet on the Map. I think, there are better platforms than Snapchat- I love Instagram and continue to keep it alive πŸ™‚

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