8 Wonderful Things to Do in Rockland, Maine

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Maine is known as “Vacationland” for good reason. There may be no better place in New England to have a fantastic getaway! If you’re looking for the best things to do in Rockland, Maine, we’ve got you covered.

From adventures to culture to dining, here’s what we recommend for your Mid-Coast Maine vacation.

We’ve loved visits to York, Acadia National Park, and most recently, the Rockland area. Rockland, and nearby Rockport and Camden, are a lovely destination about 2 hours north of Portland. Here’s how to make the most of your stay! 

8 Wonderful Things to Do in Rockland, Maine

Sail on a traditional schooner

old fashioned lantern on a boat deck with boats and water seen beyond through a gap in the roof canvas
Sailing is one of the best Rockland, Maine attractions

One of the most amazing things you can do in Maine actually takes place offshore. Have you ever dreamed of sailing the high seas? The best way to do it is on an old-fashioned schooner.

The Maine Windjammer Association operates a few of these incredible vessels, but the J&E Riggin is a special one. Captain Jon and his wife Annie create a true adventure for your stay, while feeding you top tier cuisine.

If you want to help out with setting the sails or hauling up the anchor, the crew will welcome you with open arms. Or, you can always relax on deck with a cocktail and your favorite book.

Read all about my Maine windjammer cruise here. 

Not into an overnight sail? No problem! You can opt for a sunset or day sail on a schooner as well. This is the perfect opportunity to get out on the water.

Grab a coffee at Rock City Coffee

If you’ve followed along with the Two Drifters for awhile you may have noticed that we have a sliiiight obsession with coffee. Wherever we travel, we make sure to check out the local coffee shops, always on the hunt for the best.  

In Rockland, Maine, you can’t go wrong with Rock City Coffee. The baristas will whip you up a latte or cappucinno of excellence, and those who like something sweet may enjoy their frozen blended mocha or vanilla (amazing on a hot summer day).

on a table, a croissant next to a white paper coffer cup with a brown label that reads Rock City Coffee

Wander into some art galleries

In Rockland, Maine, things to do are plentiful! An easy walk downtown will bring you front and center to a hub of art and culture.

The town is filled with galleries displaying beautiful art. A few you might want to put on your list include The Farnsworth, Dowling Walsh Gallery, and Carver Hill Gallery.

Don’t forget to check out the cool street art, too!

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colorful street art in downtown Rockland Maine. an exterior wall painted with pastel colors and shapes including fish, plants, and seagulls
Wondering what to do in Rockland, Maine? Just get out and explore!

Enjoy amazing cocktails (and dinner) at Fog Bar & Cafe

There are a lot of great restaurants in Rockport, but we enjoyed our meal (and especially our drinks) at Fog Bar & Cafe.

This small eatery is whimsically decorated, with twinkle lights and unique elements everywhere. I recommend this berry martini I had. It was so good, I had to get two!

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Stroll out on the breakwater

You can walk out along the rocky breakwater and visit a lighthouse while in Rockland.

Built with more than 700,000 tons of granite over a span of nearly twenty years, the breakwater plays a massive role in Rockland’s history.  In 1902, the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse was added at the end of the pier and it is still in use today.

The walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse is a little less than a mile but it is quite scenic. Note, it’s best to walk in good weather as poor weather can result in waves breaking over the rocks: a wet stroll, indeed.


Visit the many museums

In addition to art, there’s plenty of history to discover in mid-coast Maine. With a variety of museums, there’s likely one to suit every interest. A few of the notable ones include:

The Owls Head Transportation Museum, filled with antique automobiles and other modes of transport, the Maine Lighthouse Museum, the Penobscot Marine Museum, which explores Maine’s maritime history and tradition,  and Fawcett’s Antique Toy Museum in nearby Waldoboro.

If you’re a wildlife lover, like me, you must stop into the Project Puffin Visitor Center, right in downtown Rockland. You can learn all about these amazing birds

Eat this blueberry dessert

One night, we had dinner at Cafe Miranda. It was FANTASTIC. I’ve never seen such a big, varied menu. There were almost too many choices. While dinner and drinks were excellent, what I’ll always remember is this insane blueberry cobbler.

Nothing fancy. Nothing “gourmet.” But oh my god, if that wasn’t the best blueberry dish I’ve ever eaten in my life!!! And when in Maine, blueberries are essential.

Explore the town of Camden, Maine

If you’re looking for things to do around Rockland, you should absolutely spend some time exploring nearby Camden. There are lots of things do in Camden, Maine, including hiking, golfing,  shopping, and a walking food tour. Don’t miss a visit to the Camden Opera House, a historic theatre where a full roster of events is on the schedule. 

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