15 Best Marriage & Relationship Bloggers to Follow

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There is some amazing relationship advice out there on the Internet. You can find inspiration on how to have the best marriage or best relationship possible from awesome marriage and relationship bloggers, like the ones we’ve featured below!

As relationship bloggers ourselves, we love connecting with others out there who are writing on the same topics. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of bad relationship advice. With hundreds of relationship blogs online, it can be difficult to sift through them all. How do you know who to trust? Which marriage blogs offer legit, reliable advice? Well, we have got a few to recommend! Check out this list featuring 15 of our favorite couples blogs, all who provide awesome advice on marriage and long-term relationships. 

PS: We’re super psyched to be on this list of the Top 100 Relationship Blogs on the Web! 

Nurturing Marriage

Nurturing Marriage is created by Aaron and April, who bring readers informative articles based on their “6 pillars to a nurturing marriage.” Along with a group of contributors, Aaron and April share sound, heartfelt wisdom for a strong, loving relationship, based largely on Christian, Faith-based principles. 

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Living the Sweet Wife

Chelsea Damon is the creator of Living the Sweet Wife. Not only does she offer some terrific advice for a healthy marriage, but she’s also got some useful parenting tips and articles on self-care (so important!)

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Belle Brita

Brita is great because she approaches relationships from a unique and refreshing perspective. A self-described “Christian feminist,” Brita’s site is not just a typical relationship blog, but she writes on a whole host of important subjects, with humor, wisdom, and authority.

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Practical Intimacy

Do you like relationship advice given to you on a down-to-earth level? Practical Intimacy is a blog that delivers with realness and even a touch of sass. It’s like getting advice from your best friend. Couple Reece & Jodie are responsible for this great, no-nonsense relationship blog. 

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A Prioritized Marriage

Blogger Amberly brings us A Prioritized Marriage. She’s got a degree in Family Studies, not to mention a marriage of almost 9 years under her belt, so she definitely knows what’s she’s talking about! I love that her blog really emphasizes the need to make your marriage a priority to keep it strong.

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Friday We’re in Love

Friday We’re in Love is a go-to relationship blog for the best date ideas! Spouses Camille and Jacob share hundreds of date ideas, organized by price, location, and more, so you’ll never have a boring date night again. Along with that, the blog contains some truly excellent marriage advice.

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To Love Honor, and Vacuum

This is one of the best Christian marriage blogs out there. Sheila is an awesome blogger, as well as a public speaker, author, and really, a mainstay in the marriage blogging community. Her site is an amazing resource filled with advice for creating strong intimacy and a lasting partnership. 

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Fierce Marriage

In addition to being a blog, Fierce Marriage is also one of the top marriage podcasts out there! Ryan and Selena Frederick have been married for 15 years and share their real-life lessons and so much more with their readers & followers. They’ve also got a range of books that are definitely on my wish list.

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Project Hot Mess

Project Hot Mess was created by Krystal Kleidon, who dubs herself Head Hot Mess! Knowing that we’re all struggling to just get it together sometimes, Krystal’s advice is geared toward celebrating and embracing the chaos. She writes about marriage, motherhood, and other useful lifestyle topics. 

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Married by His Grace

Of her blog, writer Carmen Brown says it is “a place focused on our calling to ministry as a wife, mom, and a lover of His word.” I love that this is a Christian marriage blog that not only offers profound and thoughtful marriage guidance, but also has sage advice on parenting and on Faith in general. 

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Happily Ever Adventures

My friends Lena and Bassam have a fantastic love and marriage blog called Happily Ever Adventures.

I’ve been connected with Lena for many years. She’s one of my original blogging pals! She and Bassam are the sweetest couple and bring a fresh and fun take to all of their articles. Happily Ever Adventures is about finding adventure in everyday life, and they share tips on not just creating your best relationship, but on being your happiest, most fulfilled selves, too.

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Jackie and Bobby

Jackie and Bobby Angel are an amazing Catholic couple that I’ve recently come across on YouTube and Instagram. As authors, podcasters, and more, they have their hands in a bunch of different projects, so they are not just bloggers. But I have found the advice they offer to be invaluable, especially for Catholic couples. You can find them on lots of different social media platforms, especially in videos through Ascension Press.

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Word from the Bird Blog

Some more of my favorite relationship bloggers! Hillary and Cristoph say they have weathered lots of ups and downs in their marriage, and they’re excited to share their wisdom with us! They write about marriage, parenting, faith, and lots more, including their adventure of living and traveling with their kids in their self-built camper. (Jealous!)

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The Gottman Institute

One of the absolute best relationship blogs out there has to be found on the Gottman Institute’s website. Founded by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the Gottman Institute is one of the leading relationship organizations in the world. There is a fount of unending wisdom coming from this site! While many different contributors write for the blog, you can feel good about what you read, knowing that it’s coming to you from relationship experts, psychologists, and researchers.

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My Sweet Home Life

Katie says she had two failed marriages before meeting the love of her life, Ben. Now, keeping marriage strong is one of her top priorities. Katie offers advice that goes beyond just relationship and marriage stuff. She wants to help couples have a great love life and a great home and family life. She has tons of fantastic date ideas on her site, too. 

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What is your favorite relationship advice blog? Let us know in the comments!

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