Photo Essay: The Grand Palace of Bangkok

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Amy and I take pictures, not just for the blog, but as a way to retrace our steps. It can be hard to stay in the moment and appreciate where we are, and photos let us hang on to past experiences.

This week I decided to pick a single location and let the pictures speak for themselves. I chose the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Once home to the country’s monarchy, it lies at the heart of the city. So much is packed into its grounds that the range of color and flash is overwhelming.

It is a big draw, and the place was crowded on the day of my visit, despite the occasional threat of rain. It was noisy and hectic, and taking pictures without the views being blocked was tricky. Looking at these pictures, the place seems more peaceful and Buddha-like in retrospect.

I’d like to go back one of these days with Amy and take another walk through the spires, shrines, and the sculpted guardians that watch you everywhere you go. Enjoy!


PS: You can also try out a bike tour of Bangkok to see the city in a whole new way!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: The Grand Palace of Bangkok”

  1. I usually see photos of the grand palace from the outside; haven’t seen much beyond that, so thanks for providing some. The detail surrounding it’s architecture is flawless and looks like it’s made out of gold — is it?

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