A Second Honeymoon in Iceland? Our Iceland Bucket List

While we’ve already said “I do” and embarked on an amazing honeymoon in Canada, sometimes, other destinations call to us. These might be romantic getaways in our own region or epic voyages across the sea. There’s one destination that piques our interest continually, and this is Iceland. This is one country we’d absolutely consider for …

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Scotland’s Most Romantic Highland Hotel

View of a fishing town by the water. A street with cars driving is lined by brick buildings. In the distance, mountains have the sun setting over them.

I know of the most romantic highland hotel Scotland has tucked away in its hills. Picture a cozy inn in the Scottish countryside. A fire blazes in front of you, keeping your feet warm and toasty. You are curled up on an oversized couch, snuggled up next to your darling, an inviting book open on your …

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